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    Hello, Just wanted to say Hi! well i've come to this website cause of some video's i've watched recently (CoD4 Deathrun) and remembered the good old times on Raid Deathrun and i've looked through the names on the Member list and all of that.. theres 1 name in particular that i remember from back then and thats Anti. dunno if hes the one i remember, but i guess so, cause i've only known 1 guy named Anti hahah (its really awkward for me to even type anything here) *awkwardness intensifies* back then i was like 16 and i remember that i was one of those people that were actually able to finish evry map and there were only a few back then (im now 22) so yea... thats already 6 years that have passed since then... haven't been able to install CoD4 again as i lost my CD but i still have the CD-Key but i wont download the game via a shitty junk-site just wanted to ask if theres any1 here that still remembers my Name, from 2012/2013 around that time... who knows... all i can say that its probably more awkward for me to even write anything here than it is for anyone of you to read it hahah. but i'll give it a try and ask if theres anyone who remembers my name. its fascinating that Raid is still alive after all these years that have passed since then... cause back then people were already like: "yea, Raid is going to die soon" there were even people leaving their admin-position cause of some weird reasons and all cant really remember any name from back then... as i've seen so many after all these years... nostalgia hit me around 2 days ago and if no one remembers me, thats fine... cause its already about 5-7 years that have passed and you guys have probably all seen so many names that its too hard to remember. so yea... here i am being the awkward girl that i was back then hahah