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    Real name: Sven Age: 17 Previous experience: Discord mod on 2 pretty big FIFA related servers. And I was mod in a Dutch minecraft server. Why I would make a good addition to the team: I know alot about csgo and I know the differences between a really good player and a cheater. Cheaters are the most frustrating thing ever in csgo. And I want to get rid of them. I want to make the server a better place to practice. And I have experience in dealing with people with bad behaviours. How often do you visit our forums?: Not gonna lie, never visited them. Didn't even know this server had forums before I came across the admin applications. But I'll surely visit them for now. In-game name: ✪ svnツSteam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/svn_csgo/Discord tag (name#1234): Sven#1323 Primary server: The multi 1v1 arena. I play on the retake servers aswell. How often do you play on our servers?: If I'm playing community servers (wich I do most of the time I play csgo) I play 99/100 times on a Raid Gaming server. I'm playing like 7 days a week and around 1/2 hours a day (more when I have vacation etc.). I have like 30 hours of play time on the Raid servers.