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  1. Suggest maps that you think should be removed because they are either completely broken or WAY too long/boring. I'LL START Map Name: mp_deathrun_apollo Screenshot: Reason: This map is completely broken, you can break literally every trap on the map. The map takes way too long because theres a secret that nobody can finish, and the map is just a pile. Please, suggest what needs to be removed below so that we can help filter out the trash. Use template below. Map Name: Screenshot: Reason: I'll post more soon too, but anyone please feel free to comment.
  2. Name: Universe Traps: 9 Length: long Difficulty: Apparently pretty difficult Screenshots: Special Thanks to: Blade, Mist, atrX Download: https://mega.nz/#!yBdgVI7D!FNBnWIDbQJY5ihNbym9qyQgGkRdfDyFcVbS63HkhCgY Alternatively, https://www.moddb.com/mods/braxs-death-run-mod/addons/mp-dr-universe Enjoy
  3. Name: mp_deathrun_iceops Difficulty: Hard Length: Medium Download Link: https://mega.nz/#!PksViDAB!XUfEMbakfHCKulWdgG4ZJWPeb-nACYm3CT0vWkOvv9s
  4. CSGO Hub and CSGO Servers. Maybe a 1v1 server? The hub could be a great way to get a 5 man queue easily if it gets popular enough. You could also do fun 1v1 events, or unboxings, or anything really. CSGO is a very versatile game when it comes to a community. You could also do a zombie hub, with events where once a week maybe we get some people to play a classic WAW or BO3 map. It would also be a fun discussion area for people dedicated to zombies. If you want a lot of people, GMOD is a really good idea for a hub/servers as well, that game is unbelievably popular and it's deathrun probably won't ever die. We could have really fun events take place, like maybe: Obscurity event: An event where we play the game mode obscurity, which is a horror based gamemode where one person is a ghost like creature that has to kill off every player using special abilities, while the other players try to kill it. Deathrun event: You could do this for cod4 too, but host events where we get a lot of players on for DR. With GMOD though, you can actually give rewards out for certain events. For example, log in during THIS event to earn THIS spray for a limited time only. Zombies event: GMOD also has decent zombies, so we could literally just get a bunch of people on and find a server for zombies.