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  1. Real name: Staf Van der Veken
    Age: 13 y/o, 14 on September 30th [I know it is young. But I am mature when it is needed.]
    Previous experience: I have owned a PvP Minecraft server.  I also have a lot of experience using discord.
    Why I would make a good addition to the team: Because I want to help the "Raid Gaming" community and make it fun for everyone.
    How often do you visit our forums?: Not that often but if I get accepted I will check it daily. [Exceptions apply]
    In-game name: SPlaysCS

    Steam: Please login or register to see this link.
    Discord tag (name#1234): Staf#2980
    Primary server: Surf/Retakes/5v5 But I basically play all servers.
    How often do you play on our servers?: Almost daily on surf and at least every other week on retakes. I will be more active if I get accepted.


    If you have any more questions about me, feel free to ask them. Thank you for your replies in advance.

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