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Game: DayZ Standalone

Why this would make a great Hub: Now that the game is in Beta and the server files are released, I feel this is definitely a game that could come together quite nicely to form a Hub. It's a game where groups of people, big or small can come together to fight/join forces over a huge world. Many content creators have their own forums dedicated to finding players and discussing DayZ and I feel Raid can benefit from this. It's such a fun game when you get into it, and a hub for it would certainly benefit the game and community.

Potential special features of the Hub (eg: events, matchmaking queues, ...): Events go on in DayZ all the time, such as PVP matches throughout the entire map, scavenger hunts, etc are all possible with the newly released Please login or register to see this link. . Content creators could also get involved with it, populating Raid in the process.

The only potential issue I see is that not many people play DayZ in Raid, including @atrX. It really is an amazingly fun game, base building, etc. has just been introduced and is no longer a buggy mess it once was.


Please see some gameplay of the new DayZ update before voting on what you already know about the game!

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19 hours ago, jarr0w said:

Nobody wants to play dayZ, stinky

At least somebody understands.

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