Deathrun Update 1.2 (20/05) - We Garry's Mod now boys

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  • Added 7 new FX trails (thanks @Mist)
  • Added 4 new geometry trails (thanks @xoxor4d0xzz)
  • Community Announcement and Admin Message through B3 (admins only, across all servers)
  • !join commands (only able to add these on Deathrun and Surf, unfortunately)
  • Added 5 more maps to the rotation (mp_deathrun_hop, mp_deathrun_wood, mp_deathrun_ponies, mp_dr_merry_xmas, mp_dr_fallrun)


  • Reverted weapon skins to the old Raid ones (the really shiny gold ones)
  • Ghosts now have ammo (and can also under no circumstances damage the activator)
  • VIP Deagle now has a purple muzzleflash
  • Removed clip blocking the activator from getting close to the end door on mp_deathrun_liferun
  • Added back Beatthat's Deagle to mp_dr_destiny


  • Killcam will now also trigger for the activator when players are in ghost run
  • Fixed endmap triggers on some maps
  • Fixed traps not giving XP on some maps
  • Fixed mp_dr_bounce endrooms
  • Fixed mp_dr_blue to force fullbright regardless of your preferences
  • Fixed mp_deathrun_factory's endgame music overlapping with the endround songs
  • Fixed mp_deathrun_factory's sniper room never getting enabled if players in in ghost run
  • Fixed mp_dr_destiny's final fight not getting enabled if players are in ghost run
  • Server now has enough time to display the winning map of a mapvote properly
  • Added mp_deathrun_factory to the exception list for anti spawn camp to prevent people from dying when jumping into spawn from the activator room
  • Fixed spectator button overlay overlapping with ghost run text
  • Added back the german shepard model and animations (mp_deathrun_cherry endroom fix)


If you find any more bugs or issues, please report them here: Please login or register to see this link.

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