Deathrun Update 1.4 (19/07) - May the grind commence!

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The 1.4 update will go live at ~7PM GMT today. The changelog can be found below.







  • Added an additional 120 levels to make for a total of 200 earnable levels! Reach level 200 for a shiny animated rank icon. :) (thanks @xoxor4d0xzz)
  • Added a few new maps to the rotation and removed some that were causing errors due to engine limits (if there's any maps you'd like added/removed, please make a topic about it Please login or register to see this link. )
  • You can now select a camo to use on your guns (there's 5 camos, won't be adding more due to asset limits)
  • New customisation options: (huge thanks to @Mist and @ERICOS for fixing a bunch of broken stuff)
    • 11 new characters
    • 4 new viewhands
    • 4 new guns
    • 1 new VIP melee weapon
    • 1 new non-VIP melee weapon
  • New endround and endmap songs (about time)



  • Killcam overhaul, now also shows on the last round
  • Player cards (the thing that pops up when someone gets a kill) have been overhauled
  • New rank icons (you'll earn a new icon every 5 levels, up to level 100, at which point you'll be granted the Raid logo icon until you reach the gold 200 icon)
  • Endround end endmap songs now play from a queue instead of being randomly selected
  • Tomahawk got its old texture back from the old mod
  • L96A1 has been replaced with the L115A3 from Ghosts
  • MW3 Five-Seven has been replaced with the BO2 one
  • Viewhands customisation now applies to the activator too (now shut up @iiManix)



  • Wounded and Captain America viewhands no longer cause unused attachments to show on weapons
  • Pressing ESC no longer closes the mapvote
  • Secret exit on mp_dr_hardstyle has been moved
  • mp_dr_alley will now correctly give you an RPG in the RPG room
  • Secret on famous should be properly blocked now
  • Going old on mp_dr_caution no longer takes your guns away
  • Fixed hard secret exit on mp_dr_jump_hard
  • Blocked cut in first secret on mp_dr_lithium that made secret faster than main map
  • Blocked cut on mp_dr_rock
  • Fixed endmap trigger on mp_deathrun_azteca


Probably some stuff I forgot to mention, but the most important bits should be in the changelog.

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