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  1. Real name Benjamin cunliffe Age:18 Previous experience:2 years ex admin on cs-go servers between 2016 and 18 Why I would make a good addition to the team:calm in all situations with players and love to build my relationship on the server to allow more people to ask me questions so i can assist them as much as possible, raid has a a+ admin response time in my opinion and i would love to contribute myself to that and make it even greater, im on the server daily and will be available for admin service at least 12 hours a day. How often do you visit our forums?:not too often however will be visiting daily is accepted. In-game name: benjiSteam: tag (name#1234)name:Benji#8699 Primary server:raid<3 How often do you play on our servers?:daily for atleast 2 hours and have reset my stats once by accident :c