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    New Deathrun Update + Roadmap

    By atrX,

    Hi there!

    I've just pushed out an update to Deathrun adding some new stuff like geo trails, old Raid skins and a bunch of new maps. Also in this new update is a bunch of changes and fixes for problems you've all reported. For more information, check the changelog:


    Aside from the update I wanted to also put out a quick roadmap for the near future. In order, my current priority is:

    • Slay V3 :ph34r:
    • Raid Promod
    • Raid Fun/High Jump
    • Raid Surf update (new customisation including some of the stuff that was added to Deathrun and possibly some other new stuff)
    • Leaderboard frontend overhaul and integration with Deathrun (currently Please login or register to see this link. )


    Hope to see you all on the server! :) PS: Yes, I was indeed too lazy to redo the spectator input overlay for this update, maybe in the next one. :dave:


    Regards, atrX.

    New Trial Admins

    By atrX,

    I'd like to welcome two new Trial Admins to our team: @wav33 and @Fedzor! During their trial period they'll be watching our servers alongside the rest of our team and performing actions where they deem necessary.

    As for the trials, you'll find the necessary information in the admin section of the forum.

    Monthly Top Donators & Quick Deathrun Mod Progress Update

    By atrX,

    Hi there!

    @iiManix coined another good idea. :P From now on, at the end of each month, we will grant the top donator for that month a special forum group called VIP. This group is basically a carbon copy of the regular Donator group so don't worry, we're not giving special priviliges to people with money. It's just a simple thank you to our biggest supporters. ^ Obviously, if you've already got the VIP group you're excluded from the selection for that month so someone else can also get the group.

    I've already granted two people the group for previous months (one of which is no longer in the system, sorry about that) and any donations that happened this month will count for the next selection at the end of May.

    Aside from this small forum update I've also got a quick status update for the Deathrun update. I've not been able to work on it too much due to working for college aswell as playing on the servers myself (sorry guys xD). But I've been working on fixing the killcam bug (not tested yet but should in theory be fixed) alongside some other minor things. I'll also be reverting the weapon skins to the old Raid ones aswell as adding a bunch of new trails in the update (which will be the main not-so-big big thing) provided by @xoxor4d0xzz and @Mist.

    Regards, atrX.

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    • Leaderboards system will be a thing in an upcoming update, as stated in our roadmap (which has slightly changed since the announcement, surf update will come with the leaderboards update, not before due to requiring close integration). It'll be a complete overhaul of what we currently have with the surf one, with a web frontend and some ingame commands to see your rank and the top 10 of the map/server. I'm probably also going to be adding a bunch of challenges and special, weekly events to the server with the leaderboards update but no details on that yet.   You do realise we have a custom rotation system that forces you to play all but 5 (due to the vote requiring 6 maps to start) of the 124 maps currently in the rotation before you can play the same map again, right? I made it exactly for that reason, I'm well aware people would bitch about the same maps being played. Now all they can do is make suggestions to expand the rotation even further as it can, in theory, handle however many maps you want.
    • That's only based on opinion, I however don't think that the server features particularly matter about the population of the server. People care more about having a good map rotation, a leaderboards system (this will benefit DR, apologies if it's already in the mod) to give people something to drive for other than just the regular unlockables. Take Blur, IceOps (who were which still very popular up until @iiManix and I), TwS, and JoKe (to name a few); they all had no particular features which stood out, no exclusive maps, weapons, assets (most literally had an edited hud, however Blur was default) yet they were still popular and I believe it's due to the dedication of the owners at the time, there just isn't the dedication anymore due to the decrease in population of CoD4 DR in general. What I'm trying to say is that if Raid (in my opinion) want to stride back up to the top then it's going to need a completely new approach. As far as the mod is concerned, I don't think that's the problem at all as to why there's nobody in Raid, I believe it's to do with the contributing factors I have previously mentioned. Also, about the map rotation I don't think there's much which can be done with that either unless some sort of community poll was made (even then, would be pointless because there's no community to vote) or if someone took charge and found the most liked maps of deathrun and put them in the rotation to have someone actively working on the map rotation then that might bring a fresher feel as the same maps won't be played over and over.
    • In all seriousness, emotes would be a surefire way of getting people in the server quickly and sustainably.
    • Or you can just rig it yourself?
    • It's kinda impossible until someone makes a character conversion rig for T7 To T6.
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