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  1. Hi Would anybody else be interested in a CJ server? I myself would love one and would like to see if there is a demand for it.
  2. Good luck boss man
  3. Good luck my dude, you seem like a nice guy.
  4. At least somebody understands.
  5. 1.) Yes but hard to get 2.) Nahhhhh 3.) Usual shit, UAV, CUAV, Attack Chopper, Chopper Gunner etc
  6. Starting playing Combined Ops today, it's actually quit a lot of fun, shame it's not very popular Would it be possible to add other or more killstreaks to the mod such as the following; Chopper Gunner - MW2 / Other Nuke - MW2 RCXD - B01 / Other Care Package - MW2 / Other Thanks.
  7. Nobody asked.
  8. HI Becks, we're happy to see you here. My name is Fedzor, if you need to any help I'd be more than happy to assist as best I can.
  9. Hey dude. Welcome back!
  10. Song: Lily Allen - Fuck You YouTube link: Time (from-to): 0:36-0:46 Song: Despacito YouTube link: Time: 1:23 - 1:33
  11. Real name: Josh Sinnott Age: 20 (03/05/1998) Previous experience: I may be repeating myself a little here, but; I've ran multiple communities in the past, I have being an Administrator on multiple servers such as boss'Deathrun and 4x3 Gaming and I have been a part of other smaller communities over the past five years I've been playing Deathrun, which has lead to the knowledge and experience I possess to this very day. Why I would make a good addition to the team: I can be extremely active on both the servers and forums as I have too much time on my hands. I'm an active streamer with affiliation on Twitch and almost 100 followers, I can stream CoD4 Deathrun in order to help promote the server and help get the word out there; I would also be willing to add a Raid-Gaming panel for viewers looking to join our community. Other reasons for why I believe I could be a valuable addition to the team are mostly listed in Previous Experience. How often do you visit our forums?: As I have only just started playing again, not often; but you needn't be concerned as I do plan to change that. I will be visiting daily to see what everyone is getting up to. In-game name: Fedzor B3 CID: @990 Steam: fedzor2 Knowledge of B3 (on a scale of 1-5): I have not played Deathrun for a while, so I will need to re-train my brain slightly, but I would say 2.5 / 5. Primary server: Deathrun and Discord. How often do you play on our servers?: I play every single day for at least a couple of hours, usually more. Additional Information: I have already passed on the following information to @atrX , but I think the rest of the staff should know; I realise that I previously left Raid on the terms that I could never apply again, but I have since realized that Raid is Deathrun's only chance at being revived and I'd like to help in every way I can. I will continue to help Raid and play, Admin or not; but I would like another chance to rectify the mistake I made. Thanks for reading!
  12. It was a dark misty night. John was laying in bed contemplating his existence; depression had got him down farther than the depths of hell. John pulled out his phone and started searching for remedies on depression, when suddenly he heard a knock on the door *Knock Knock*. Startled, John stood up and peaked through his long matte black curtains and saw somebody in a black coat and hat, standing at his front door. John yelled towards the mysterious figure: "You tryna catch these big ass hands fool?". Shocked, the stranger seemed to gasp in horror at the uncouth language but nervously decided to step past the dividing line of the transom of John's home. As the stranger passed through the hallways, he was greeted by John's truly enormous hands which seemed to fill the entire living room. John's hand had swelled up like a baseball glove on a 10x scale, but John had found himself squeezing on to thin air, as the man in black had mysteriously vanished.
  13. Glad to be here @atrX. Congratulations on becoming a Trial Admin @wav33.