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  3. In all seriousness, emotes would be a surefire way of getting people in the server quickly and sustainably.
  4. Or you can just rig it yourself?
  5. It's kinda impossible until someone makes a character conversion rig for T7 To T6.
  6. I'll get these sorted out later. Docs aren't meant to be mobile optimised otherwise I would've made them with that in mind, you really don't have any use for them on mobile.
  7. When I try to see my reputation activity only my status update is available in this oddly coloured and formatted drop down menu, as a result I can't view my reputation activity I'm almost certain the icons that cover up my avatar are meant to be placed elsewhere. Not that many people/anyone is going to use the script docs docs on mobile but... yeah.
  8. Fixed. Can you next time please indicate which part of the screenshot you're referring to so I don't have to guess if I missed anything? Thank you.
  9. Symmetry is key
  10. All issues mentioned have been fixed.
  11. Also just realised I didn't change the spoilers' styling either. I'll get these things sorted tonight.
  12. The logo and name are off centred relative to one another
  13. @Mist
  14. What's wrong in the second screenshot?
  15. Get me the xanims and I'll get you emotes.
  16. Also, emotes. @atrX @MiKeY
  17. Well whatever people have in mind, input is most definitely needed. My own opinion is to get a youtuber like Rxqe in the server, and just generally get some people in the server regularly. There are admins at Raid I just don't see in the servers very often. I can't say I've ever seen Grezwal in the server.
  18. As it is very clear from the original raid 1.0 and pxg I have no clue about the cod4 community. Making the right moves to progress communities forward has never been a strong point of mine. I think anyone elses opinion here would be more valid.
  19. I suppose if we tried we could get a good 10 - 15 people in. Rxqe on YouTube still plays deathrun regularly and he always says he's looking for servers to play on, maybe that's worth a shot.
  20. I'm not exactly contributing much myself right now, BO3 mod tools got me hooked. Once Promod goes up we'll see if that brings in some players. Other than that, I'm clueless. I was mostly expecting some people to join and then tell their friends and get the server populated that way, didn't really work out it seems. We had a good first 2 months and then it died out. Some YouTube publicity would be ideal I suppose but it'd probably be hard to get the server full enough to have anyone record a proper video.
  21. I understand that @atrX has no intentions of stopping Raid ever let alone any time soon, so what's the plan? I mean really, Raid has the professional features that are to be expected from a popular community, the only thing missing is well... a community. What I'm trying to surmise is a method of getting people in the server, but how? There are still people who play Death Run, I just personally don't know how Raid plans to get them in the server. Can anyone think of any ideas? I'm sure @atrX and @MiKeY would greatly admire your input.
  22. I too have a desktop ( Disclaimer: I have two pc's one is a hackintosh, the other is a windows machine, no I don't like apple products, their OS is just the best unix based operating system out there. )
  23. Earlier
  24. looks so dope
  25. Your application is now available to be voted on. PS: I'm just stating this here so I have some place that I can say I officially said this: This is the last app I'm giving a pass for having less than 50 hours played on the new servers as it complicates things for us.
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