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  2. Not at all. Don’t know how to cheat. Don’t need to do that. I know now what the problem was/is. Newer OS on Mac don’t work with the game.
  3. Probably banned for cheating
  4. Your COD4 server is terrible. You have bots under the ground ! Now that is some new kind of stupid horse shit. C'mon, get your act together and fix the issues with your server. Don't be so damn lazy.
  5. Hi there! Thank you for your kind donation! I've gone ahead and modified the donation to link to your account after verifying it was indeed yours.
  6. Hey everybody, I just donated 40 USD It got registered as "offline donation" for some reason but it was me.
  7. Hi All! I still have the problem that my COD4 Multiplayer don´t work. So depressing. I can´t see any servers or play my loved game at the raid server. Is there anyone out there that have any solution? I have this COD 4 on a Mac, the one that I have played on all the time. I have the original DVD with the game. One day in february it just did not connect any longer.
  8. What is your problem? I'm just being nice and meeting new pals.
  9. Do you have any map suggestions in mind? Also which server? Deathrun? Combines ops? Surf? Maybe you could find some links to some maps and post screenshots of how they look? Would be nice to get an update to be honest.
  10. Is there any chance of changing some of these maps . Perhaps some of the original ones from cod when it first came out . Love the server
  11. Am I doing something wrong?
  12. Shut up nerd.
  13. hello, am 12 year boy from georgia, sorry for my bed london language. I selled father bubu for internet connection for play "cod4 deadrun" and i want to become the goodest player like fedzor. i play with 250 ping on belgium server and i am lvl 81. pls no copy pasterino my story.
  14. Hi guys and girls! KingtigerGBG here. I haven´t been able to play COD4 on my mac as always. One day some weeks ago I couldn´t open the multiplayer. Just from one day to another day it stopped working. Would be very happy for any advice how I can start gaming again! I haven´t updated the OS or anything. Sooo sad KingtigerGBG
  15. I will buy a cod 4 server from this site , is it reliable?
  16. Where is moderator?? It is about advertisement on your website. Regards.
  17. Hi! To get to the point, approximately 30 minutes (from the time of writing this) ago I got banned from one of your 1v1 servers for bhopping, I assume. A run-down of what happened: 3 players on, while the others where fighting I practiced bhops. I find it funny how I keep on getting banned from csgo servers for bhop due to the fact that on tf2 (a game i have ALOT of hours on on a different account) I actively practice bhops due to an in game mechanic that rewards them. On the server I hit 6-7 (if I can remember correctly) and then got banned, my average is 3-4 and my best is 17. I will give my primary account (tf2 and other games) and my csgo account (the one that was banned) as well as my discord link due to the fact that I think the only way to prove I am legit is to hop on a tf2 server and show you one of my practice sessions for 1-2 minutes. banned account: tf2/main account: discord: cryillic#4733 -thank you!
  18. Got auto modded for spam reporting a griefer pinging my position.
  19. Hello, I was banned from your servers a couple months ago (Reason: VAC banned alt) I got detected while using a skinchanger. I have never cheated on your servers or in matchmaking and will never do since I don't want to ruin other players in-game experince. I'm wondering if I could get unbanned? My current account
  20. Hey, Admin Dream muted me 2weeks for a 'corner dog", it's been 3 days now, can i be unmuted ?
  21. now that's epic
  22. hi. can someone give a working deathrun plugins ? i really appreciate
  23. hi. can some one help me to create a beautiful deathrun mod ? like xm deathrun or something like that . Thanks!
  24. Hello, So I wanted to play on the Arena server but I got banned and I want to apologize for the mic-spam I was doing, I don't gonna do it again. Thanks, -- R.
  25. Hi, I have just got banned for macroing which usually does not result in bans. I have used this in mm and community servers for years. I have even used it on these server from the beginning which i believe I have 20+ hours in. Its either that or i got banned for saying g4y which was censored anyway, so I am not sure.
  26. Been playing on the csgo servers for a while, enjoying it so far, thought of saying hello.
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