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  3. Revisiting an old thread, updated setup
  4. Horror story
  5. Hi, Thank you!! Let´s see if they have another idea. Remember that some years ago it was the same thing. Then I had a chat with the old company that had COD. A girl there helped me. Some MOD etc had to be downloaded. Then after that it worked perfectly. Just tried that as you said. I logged out from App store and then in again. Did not work. Have a great day!
  6. Ok, I will ask the guys. Anyway, have you tried to log out and login from your App store with your Apple ID ? Even if you didn't purchase it in the App store. I also have the original CD : )
  7. Hi Gallipoli!! Interesting. I bought the game years ago and have the original CD with the game on it. The wierd thing is that when I click on the COD icon it jumps up and down like 2 times but nothing happens. I played one day and the next day it didn´t work. So wierd. If you talk or play with the other guys can you please ask them if they know if there is any solution? Take care Kingtiger
  8. Hi there, Kingtiger ! Something like that happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I had purchased COD4 in the App store, and somehow- cant remember well- I went to the App Store, found the app COD4, clicked on install or play, then it asked for my Apple ID. I entered it and that was it. I tried so after reading this: Hope this helps. Best,
  9. Hi guys and girls! KingtigerGBG here. I haven´t been able to play COD4 on my mac as always. One day some weeks ago I couldn´t open the multiplayer. Just from one day to another day it stopped working. Would be very happy for any advice how I can start gaming again! I haven´t updated the OS or anything. Sooo sad KingtigerGBG
  10. I will buy a cod 4 server from this site , is it reliable?
  11. Any reupload? The link is dead now
  12. Hello, First of all, I wanted to introduce myself. "I am in second general and in my everyday life I like computers I build PCs I help friends in difficulty I think of working in computers at the space station in Toulouse." Real Name : Enzo. Age : 16 Favorites hobbies : in everyday life I like games like CS watch pro play ... Sport (bodybuilding or DH bike). Language : currently I am learning English and Spanish which I already speak quite well but I also speak French fluently. Admin : why i want to become admin on csgo servers ? because i hate cheaters and toxic on all games and also that I play very often on raid gaming servers. Discord : T3CKz EsOLiX#8324 Steam : Contact : If you need to contact me, please send me an email at this address. EsOLiX
  13. If you're referring to the spam bots, we clear them out a few times a day.
  14. Where is moderator?? It is about advertisement on your website. Regards.
  15. Uh, this is not the place to apply for admin...
  16. Real name: PUMA Age:31 Previous experience: yes Why I would make a good addition to the team: I am very active on cod 4 and your servers, i see alot of t, mic , toxic and racist people join the server as well as hackers, I would like to help get rid of those people as it brings a bad reputation to the server, I am a very patient and tolerant person and would like to make the community the best it could be. Rate your English skills on a scale of 1-5 (with 1 being bad and 5 being fluent): 5 Do you speak any other languages besides English?: no How often do you visit our forums?: Rarely, but would be open to looking at it more. In-game name: Luxas Steam: Discord tag (name#1234):Luxas#6578 Knowledge of SourceMod (on a scale of 1-5):0 but i am a good learner. Primary server: Retakes. How often do you play on our servers?: I play the servers daily, hours at a time. Anything else you want to add?: Although i have no past experience in being a staff, i believe starting off here would be a great opportunity for myself and for the community as i would be helping it.
  17. Real name: Hendrik Age: 19 previous experience: I played some semi-professionel CS in Germany and was an ingame Leader for some time. I was an Admin on a TeamSpeak server and led some other Video Game Servers with friends. Why I would make a good addition to the team: I enjoy playing CS and I'm quite a active player on your retake servers. Additionally Iam a very nice person and I love to speak with random people I've never met before. Furthermore I can see the difference between a good player and a Cheater and good players are always welcomed to a duel and cheater will be banned as soon as possible. Rate your English skills on a scale of 1-5 ( with 1 beeing bad and 5 beeing fluent): 4 Do you speak any other languages besides English: German and a little bit french (from school) How often do you visit our forums?: weekly but most of the time more than once Steam: Discord tag:Heat#9395 Knowledge of SourceMod (on a Scale of 1-5): 1 (would love to learn it) Primary server: Retakes 1&2 How often do you play on our servers: daily Anything else you want to add?: Thanks for taking your time to read my application, and if u want to message me an anything feel free to do it. Greetings Heat
  18. The only times I am good are when other players are low ranked. Pretty average player, only ESEA B+. I used the call admin twice in one match yesterday and it might be "abuse" which got me banned but the dude was griefing my position and attempting to troll me, so that was my calm reply. Would like an unban, NA community servers are pretty dead in the morning. is the ID in question.
  19. Hey, Admin Dream muted me 2weeks for a 'corner dog", it's been 3 days now, can i be unmuted ?
  20. now that's epic
  21. hi. can someone give a working deathrun plugins ? i really appreciate
  22. hi. can some one help me to create a beautiful deathrun mod ? like xm deathrun or something like that . Thanks!
  23. Hello, So I wanted to play on the Arena server but I got banned and I want to apologize for the mic-spam I was doing, I don't gonna do it again. Thanks, -- R.
  24. Hi, I have just got banned for macroing which usually does not result in bans. I have used this in mm and community servers for years. I have even used it on these server from the beginning which i believe I have 20+ hours in. Its either that or i got banned for saying g4y which was censored anyway, so I am not sure.
  25. Been playing on the csgo servers for a while, enjoying it so far, thought of saying hello.
  26. 1. you responded to my admin application saying that it was denied because of my hours but i had someone check my hours before hand (crankker) and he said i had more than 20 hours. it would be nice if you can check it again. and i have join the discord. 2. THE REPORT i have come across 3 potential cheaters today alone of which none of them have been placed under surveillance (i have some proof of hackers if wanted) 3. i am also reporting poor admin behaviour. earlier today an admin called benji got mad at me. because i was baiting (of course not on purpose). i was looking at my phone for a bit as i always do (i had informed him that i did not mean to bait). he started to get angry and kept saying things like "he thinks he's good" or "your so bad" this happened repetitively until he left. i notice that you look for calm admins and non-toxic people and my suggestion is that he should be disciplined by taking away his admin perms. i realise that this sound a bit petty, but the whole reason i am making this email is so that i can help making this server better. as it is one of the best servers i have played on in a while. i met new friends here. i hope this admin does not get away with this, and i also hope i can be helpful to catch these hackers. (i have video evidence of 1 of the hackers and of benji being toxic to me) i know there is a risk of back-draft from this in other words i know that i might get banned or kicked for making accusations against an admin but i a prepared to take any punishment given thank you for reading.
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