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  2. "Failure to use the template provided will result in instant denial of your application." Declined. You may apply again in 30 days.
  3. My name is Olivier Smits. I'm 18 years old and live in Belgium, i speak dutch perfect english and decent french. I already been in a staff team in multiple minecraft servers. my goal is to make the expirience better for everyone playing on your guys' server. my ingame name at the moment is 'The Magician' (but normally it is 'ollienoxx'). I play the 1v1 arena on a daily base, so i will be online atleast 3-4 times a weak on the 1v1 server. I really like it because it really improves my comp/faceit games. (steam: (discord: ollienoxx#1942)
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  5. It's a smaller update with the main feature being the all new Double Jump events (join today at 12PM EST/5PM GMT/6PM CET). Changelog New: Double Jump events (press jump again mid-air to double jump) Added mp_dr_celerity to the rotation Changes: Map records won't submit if Double Jump is enabled Server name now shows "190 speed" as per the suggestion of @Caspa Removed mp_dr_raky from the rotation Fixes: Disable AFK activation if there is more than 1 activator Removed Crowbar worldmodel (melee weapons aren't supposed to have a world model) We'll have 2x XP enabled for the duration of the weekend and double jump for the duration of the event.
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  7. Congratulations, you've made it to the trial stage, make sure to read through the admin section stickies. ^
  8. Declined for failing to follow the format.
  9. Hey I'm Falex, and i'm going to show you why i want to be staff and why you should pick me and not another one in the staff team. First let me present Myself : Pierre-Louis 19 Years old, i'm french but i think i got a good level about speakin english, i got 1,3k hours playin CSGO, i playin often i your Raid CSGO server and i have a lot of fun while playin here. i saw a lil bit cheaters in matchs and i think we need to ban them quickly to not disapoint Raid community. So i'm french, i speak english well and i saw a lot of frenchs in raid server so i think that can be good, for talkin to them, if they dont speak english, I'm in a clan with one line up nearly two. and we often train strategy in your server we train aim etc. i have nothing more to tell you if u need more infos just DM me on discord : Ok Boomer.#5565 Have a good day !
  10. Thanks for the great tutorial, but I have some questions. How does this correlate to the nuclear reactors, and how do I apply the quantum coordinates to the position of North Korea's missile base?
  11. Unfortunately you do not currently meet the minimum required hours: You may apply again in 30 days.
  12. Uh what?
  13. Real name: Jordan Age:19 Previous experience: I currently have no prior experience as an administrator, but have been in the Raid Community since 2014. Why I would make a good addition to the team: I feel I would make an excellent addition to the team as I am a very approachable and friendly person (but strict when need be) and have been around the Raid Community since early 2011. I enjoy watching Raid grow as it expands into other games and I would like to help keep the community alive and give our player base an enjoyable experience. How often do you visit our forums?: I visit the forums almost daily to check in and see what's new within the Raid Community. In-game name: MyThiiC Steam: Discord tag (name#1234): MyThiiC#7160 Primary server: Retakes How often do you play on our servers?: I usually play daily for 2-3 hours or more depending on the day! P.S I can never get the time played command to work therefore I'm not certain if I meet the 20 hours but fingers crossed <3
  14. Nice tutorial, but I have a few questions. What does the environment mapping image actually do? Also, how do you get the coordinates for the position of the flares?
  15. Real name: Maarten Age: 16 Previous experience: Yes, minecraft pvp server, and a csgo suf surver Why I would make a good addition to the team: i can work hard and i would say i am a fast learner so i can do almost evrything (i tried not to sound cockey) How often do you visit our forums?: In-game name: Mysth1k Steam: Discord tag : Mysth1k #3473 Primary server: csgo awp maps only How often do you play on our servers?: i 3-5 days a week around 2 hours per day
  16. Hi there! After all this time, we're finally launching our very own official merch (T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, cases, stickers, ...)! We currently have products in 3 styles, go check them out. Every order comes with a free month of VIP on our servers of a game of your choosing (more details below). Some examples of the available items: Link to the shop: How do I redeem my free month of VIP? Follow the instructions on how to redeem VIP regularly as if you had donated but attach your order number in the DM too. Please only message ME, not any of the other managers/owners, as I am the only on with access to the order history for our merch shop.
  17. As a thank you for donating you'll receive VIP features on our servers. Below is a list of features per server aswell as a list of the amount of months you'll get per donation: All servers: Reserved slot (don't get kicked to make room for VIPs) Custom knives (type !ck or !customknife) Custom name tags (type !tag, !tags or !tagmenu) Forums: Permanent Donator rank Private Donator-only section VIP durations*: 5 USD: 1 month 25 USD: 5 months + 1 free month 50 USD: 10 months + 2 free months * Donations do not stack, meaning if you donate 3.50 USD, for example, you can't donate 1.50 USD afterwards to receive VIP. Only full amounts will be accepted. To receive VIP, please contact a Manager or Owner after donating and include your Steam profile link in your message. A list of our management division can be found at
  18. ah ok i didn't see the rules.
  19. I told you to read through the requirements and use the template provided, this is not it chief.
  20. i didn't understand you can you explain more ?
  21. World class application right here.
  22. Hi i want to be an admin on the cs go server bescause when i'm playing in it i see a lot of cheatters that destroy the game .
  23. Hi i'm a new member i wish that i have fun with you . can i know about you guys ?
  24. Changelog New: Multiple activators on old only maps Server-side toggle to give activator(s) weapons Server-side toggle to enable old only map events Option to enable a laser sight Added mp_dr_atlantis and mp_dr_catherine to the rotation Added option to bind "hide players" in the controls menu Changes: Removed dead servers from main menu (Promod + TDM) Updated Crowbar textures Removed forced customisation from: mp_deathrun_fusion mp_deathrun_mine mp_deathrun_sonic mp_dr_cyber mp_dr_pandemonium mp_dr_slayv2 mp_dr_zvr_dimensions mp_dr_windwaker Got rid of the absolute fucking cancerous "Mustamies" song on mp_dr_skii Disabled spectator list (at least for now, as it crashes the server with too many players on) Re-added mp_dr_decay Sonic model secret Fixes: Fixed idle anim for Brawler's Brew Fixed mp_dr_windwaker resetting XP when picking up gems Added missing Brawler's Brew to the item shop Removed mp_vc_garage and mp_dr_industrial from the rotation (engine limits exceeded causing server crash) Blocked mp_deathrun_cookie cut For the upcoming event this weekend we'll have 2x XP, exclusively old only maps and activator weapons enabled.
  25. Well, I just joined this after playing on the servers for a while. Hopefully something will evolve and prosper from this.

  26. Updated rotation for upcoming update 1.5.
  27. Congratulations, you've made it to the trial stage, make sure to read through the admin section stickies. ^
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