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  2. Everyone is missing the point. People don't particularly care what maps are in the rotation and @Cloudy is right in fairness, mod features aren't what people look for or ever really looked for. Servers like eBc were popular because of their scrolling skins, sure, but a long lasting community like the old Raid was popular because it felt like it's own game and was fun to play for hours on end, and not because death run has become less interesting, there's just no magic like raid once had. Here is an example to illustrate my point: A simple double XP post got people excited, and made them want to play more. There's just none of that magic in Raid or any other server any more. Maybe @atrX and @MiKeY can bring back this feeling to death run, no one else seems to be able to so they seem to be the last hope as far as competent owners are concerned.
  3. Leaderboards system will be a thing in an upcoming update, as stated in our roadmap (which has slightly changed since the announcement, surf update will come with the leaderboards update, not before due to requiring close integration). It'll be a complete overhaul of what we currently have with the surf one, with a web frontend and some ingame commands to see your rank and the top 10 of the map/server. I'm probably also going to be adding a bunch of challenges and special, weekly events to the server with the leaderboards update but no details on that yet. You do realise we have a custom rotation system that forces you to play all but 5 (due to the vote requiring 6 maps to start) of the 124 maps currently in the rotation before you can play the same map again, right? I made it exactly for that reason, I'm well aware people would bitch about the same maps being played. Now all they can do is make suggestions to expand the rotation even further as it can, in theory, handle however many maps you want.
  4. That's only based on opinion, I however don't think that the server features particularly matter about the population of the server. People care more about having a good map rotation, a leaderboards system (this will benefit DR, apologies if it's already in the mod) to give people something to drive for other than just the regular unlockables. Take Blur, IceOps (who were which still very popular up until @iiManix and I), TwS, and JoKe (to name a few); they all had no particular features which stood out, no exclusive maps, weapons, assets (most literally had an edited hud, however Blur was default) yet they were still popular and I believe it's due to the dedication of the owners at the time, there just isn't the dedication anymore due to the decrease in population of CoD4 DR in general. What I'm trying to say is that if Raid (in my opinion) want to stride back up to the top then it's going to need a completely new approach. As far as the mod is concerned, I don't think that's the problem at all as to why there's nobody in Raid, I believe it's to do with the contributing factors I have previously mentioned. Also, about the map rotation I don't think there's much which can be done with that either unless some sort of community poll was made (even then, would be pointless because there's no community to vote) or if someone took charge and found the most liked maps of deathrun and put them in the rotation to have someone actively working on the map rotation then that might bring a fresher feel as the same maps won't be played over and over.
  5. In all seriousness, emotes would be a surefire way of getting people in the server quickly and sustainably.
  6. Or you can just rig it yourself?
  7. It's kinda impossible until someone makes a character conversion rig for T7 To T6.
  8. Earlier
  9. I'll get these sorted out later. Docs aren't meant to be mobile optimised otherwise I would've made them with that in mind, you really don't have any use for them on mobile.
  10. When I try to see my reputation activity only my status update is available in this oddly coloured and formatted drop down menu, as a result I can't view my reputation activity I'm almost certain the icons that cover up my avatar are meant to be placed elsewhere. Not that many people/anyone is going to use the script docs docs on mobile but... yeah.
  11. Fixed. Can you next time please indicate which part of the screenshot you're referring to so I don't have to guess if I missed anything? Thank you.
  12. Symmetry is key
  13. All issues mentioned have been fixed.
  14. Also just realised I didn't change the spoilers' styling either. I'll get these things sorted tonight.
  15. The logo and name are off centred relative to one another
  16. @Mist
  17. What's wrong in the second screenshot?
  18. Get me the xanims and I'll get you emotes.
  19. Also, emotes. @atrX @MiKeY
  20. Well whatever people have in mind, input is most definitely needed. My own opinion is to get a youtuber like Rxqe in the server, and just generally get some people in the server regularly. There are admins at Raid I just don't see in the servers very often. I can't say I've ever seen Grezwal in the server.
  21. As it is very clear from the original raid 1.0 and pxg I have no clue about the cod4 community. Making the right moves to progress communities forward has never been a strong point of mine. I think anyone elses opinion here would be more valid.
  22. I suppose if we tried we could get a good 10 - 15 people in. Rxqe on YouTube still plays deathrun regularly and he always says he's looking for servers to play on, maybe that's worth a shot.
  23. I'm not exactly contributing much myself right now, BO3 mod tools got me hooked. Once Promod goes up we'll see if that brings in some players. Other than that, I'm clueless. I was mostly expecting some people to join and then tell their friends and get the server populated that way, didn't really work out it seems. We had a good first 2 months and then it died out. Some YouTube publicity would be ideal I suppose but it'd probably be hard to get the server full enough to have anyone record a proper video.
  24. I understand that @atrX has no intentions of stopping Raid ever let alone any time soon, so what's the plan? I mean really, Raid has the professional features that are to be expected from a popular community, the only thing missing is well... a community. What I'm trying to surmise is a method of getting people in the server, but how? There are still people who play Death Run, I just personally don't know how Raid plans to get them in the server. Can anyone think of any ideas? I'm sure @atrX and @MiKeY would greatly admire your input.
  25. I too have a desktop ( Disclaimer: I have two pc's one is a hackintosh, the other is a windows machine, no I don't like apple products, their OS is just the best unix based operating system out there. )
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