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  2. Dayz cod4 mod?
  3. The 1.4 update will go live at ~7PM GMT today. The changelog can be found below. Changelog New: Added an additional 120 levels to make for a total of 200 earnable levels! Reach level 200 for a shiny animated rank icon. (thanks @xoxor4d0xzz) Added a few new maps to the rotation and removed some that were causing errors due to engine limits (if there's any maps you'd like added/removed, please make a topic about it here) You can now select a camo to use on your guns (there's 5 camos, won't be adding more due to asset limits) New customisation options: (huge thanks to @Mist and @ERICOS for fixing a bunch of broken stuff) 11 new characters 4 new viewhands 4 new guns 1 new VIP melee weapon 1 new non-VIP melee weapon New endround and endmap songs (about time) Changes: Killcam overhaul, now also shows on the last round Player cards (the thing that pops up when someone gets a kill) have been overhauled New rank icons (you'll earn a new icon every 5 levels, up to level 100, at which point you'll be granted the Raid logo icon until you reach the gold 200 icon) Endround end endmap songs now play from a queue instead of being randomly selected Tomahawk got its old texture back from the old mod L96A1 has been replaced with the L115A3 from Ghosts MW3 Five-Seven has been replaced with the BO2 one Viewhands customisation now applies to the activator too (now shut up @iiManix) Fixes: Wounded and Captain America viewhands no longer cause unused attachments to show on weapons Pressing ESC no longer closes the mapvote Secret exit on mp_dr_hardstyle has been moved mp_dr_alley will now correctly give you an RPG in the RPG room Secret on famous should be properly blocked now Going old on mp_dr_caution no longer takes your guns away Fixed hard secret exit on mp_dr_jump_hard Blocked cut in first secret on mp_dr_lithium that made secret faster than main map Blocked cut on mp_dr_rock Fixed endmap trigger on mp_deathrun_azteca Probably some stuff I forgot to mention, but the most important bits should be in the changelog.
  4. Updated rotation for upcoming update 1.4.
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  6. DayZ is dead.
  7. I would love to see this
  8. use the mod which is in the post i linked, that's got save pos and load pos
  9. Ahahha, long time no seen, how are you doing man?
  10. yeah, hey! As you can see I still have trouble with getting things to work
  11. @itstruestu is this stu that had a youtube channel with 30k~ish views that i use to play promod with!?!?
  12. It's been a while :ph34r:

    1. Lossy


      weird flex, but okay.

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      Same tbh

  13. Got it working! Downloaded the official deathrun 1.2 mod. Also I downloaded the coyote_v2 map from modbb (not from a random server). Still not sure how to do save position or stop the afk/round timer. Any ideas on that? also if anyone has a skypilalr download link I'd love you for life <3 Cause I can't find one
  14. what he said ^ also don't forget after loading the mod to change the gametype do deathrun /g_gametype deathrun then devmap the map edit: oh wait here you go
  15. Which mod are you using? Most servers run their scripts server-side nowadays so you won't be able to use those to devmap. I'd suggest getting the stock 1.2 deathrun mod from ModDB or looking for something like Stefan's mod (don't have a link and forgot what it's actually called, sorry).
  16. Hi there, Not sure if anyone is still active but I really need help! I select a deathrun mod and type /devmap mp_deathrun_coyote_v2 (for example) but it gives me a console error. I have tried this for a couple of mods but they all do the same thing. Weirdly, if I try doing "start my own server" it gives me a short list of old deathrun maps. But some of them do. However the list is only like 10 items long. I'm clueless here, please help.
  17. i was 13 when i first discovered deathrun and now im almost 20. shit's crazy also anti you're a really wholesome guy. Like you're one of the few people I've met online who I never forget about. I still remember that one time, I think christmas eve? where you just gifted me a steam wallet code for nothing in return.
  18. hahah lovely that you remember me and yes it has been about seven years already... and FUCK YOU for bringin that up again... LITERALLY FUCK YOU! and yes evrything has been alright for me and i've even thought about marrying last year, but then things happend and nothing happened, went through a break up (sad time) but evrything has been alright for me i hope evrything has been alright for you aswell, you dirty wanker LOL
  19. Welcome back nubzor Has been quite a while, but I do remember you Can't believe it's been seven years since I've called you a nub for forgetting palm's first trap pattern Hopefully everything has been well for you since then and look forward to you being a part of the community again
  20. thats literally no problem, besides deathrun i've played alot of promod i was even active in a clan that played cups and all, so that should be no problem, never expected deathrun to life forever also no i wasnt around in 2014/2015 i guess, all i remember is that i began with 15(2012) to play deathrun, 3/4 year later i've become 16(2013) and played for another year and then i got into CS:GO that was early 2014 when i got into CS:GO and 2015 xfire died when i wanted to come back and i couldn't ask evryone to give me their steam name back then... so i guess i wasnt around in 2014/2015.
  21. i played back in 2014/2015, no idea if you were still around smoked way too much weed since then to even fathom that thought welcome back p.s deathrun is dead
  22. ahh okay, could be that he worked on the CoD1 Zombie Mod, as i've played it after CoD UO died... the actual zombie mod in CoD1 was made by K1LL3R and Braxi probably just worked on it to make it "better" as the Zombie Mod was already very old when CoD1 actually got it at the end, CoD2... i dont really know who worked on these Mods, i've been in touch with some, but not with evryone and there were multiple people workin on it, like 4 or 5 people and i never really questioned if its a guy or a girl, people were sayin that its a girl... so i kinda took it like it was as i never really gotten in touch with Braxi in the first place. also i never really cared about someones gender, if someone says he/she is female or a male i take it like it is and even if this person sounds like a male i dont really care about it afterwards... cause its their thing what they identify themself as.
  23. Braxi also worked on a CoD1 zombie mod or cod2? I can't remember but he did work on a older CoD. Braxi was never really a founder for Raid, just a good friend of mine and use to help me with some stuff. Gave him CM because i could i guess tbh and because he helped me, but he never really played cod at the time anyway. He see's himself as a female trapped in a mans body. But gender doesn't really matter.
  24. Grezwal... doesnt really ring a bell, did you have other names before?
  25. I thought BraXi was a girl too. I think I was an admin back in 2013 too. Do you remember me?
  26. ah yea that could be hahah i i was thinkin about it and i was kind of sure that it was like that... no one has ever told me that it was just a rumor, always thought that BraXi was actually a girl cause evryone was sayin: "She" to BraXi, never talked to him tho... as i was never on his forum nor have i ever played on one of his servers that he had back then. but that name was so familiar that i thought it was "him"
  27. Well, everyone did think BraXi was a girl for a very long time. Still plenty of people who do, probably. Rumor started on the old BraXi forums.
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