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  4. Sorry for taking this long to get the results out, I've been incredibly busy lately. ^.^ Anyway, here are the results (category scores are averages based on user votes, total is all categories added up). 4th Place: mp_dr_building_escape by @ImJustBad Theme: 1.7/5 Level of detail: 1.3/5 Uniqueness and variation of traps: 2/5 Map flow: 3.7/5 Optimisation: 0/2.5 (No caulk) No script errors: 0/2.5 (One of the traps throws an "undefined is not an entity" error + entering an endroom on free run throws an error) Total: 8.7/25 3rd Place: mp_dr_metal_factory by @Cloudy Theme: 3/5 Level of detail: 3.5/5 Uniqueness and variation of traps: 4/5 Map flow: 4/5 Optimisation: 0/2.5 (No caulk) No script errors: 0/2.5 (Entering an endroom on free run throws an error) Total: 14.5/25 2nd Place: mp_dr_petrichor by @jwofles Theme: 4.5/5 Level of detail: 4.5/5 Uniqueness and variation of traps: 3.5/5 Map flow: 2/5 Optimisation: 2.5/2.5 (Congratulations on being the only person in the contest to know what caulking is) No script errors: 0/2.5 (Entering an endroom on free run throws an error) Total: 17/25 1st Place: mp_dr_industrial by @TheHumble_J Theme: 4/5 Level of detail: 5/5 Uniqueness and variation of traps: 4.7/5 Map flow: 3.7/5 Optimisation: 0/2.5 (No caulk) No script errors: 0/2.5 (Entering an endroom on free run throws an error) Total: 17.4/25 Congratulations on the win @TheHumble_J! I'll DM you about your prize. And thank you everyone else who entered.
  5. is tic tac toe done yet?
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  7. Cool! Can't wait to try this in devmap.
  8. building escape industrial metal factory
  9. Version 1.1.1 of CoD4: Unleashed has been released: Changelog: Added: Full support for HTTP 1.1 JSON support (GSC module, see unleashed\json in bin) isArray function getEpochTime and epochTimeToString setSpectatedClient Changed: Project renamed to CoD4: Unleashed Updated compile info Deprecated httpPostRequest The script reference has been updated to reflect these changes. Edit: Hotfix released addressing an issue with the JSON module not parsing boolean values properly.
  10. Original post was made back in May 2018 on 3xP's own forums ( Feel free to read it right here), but I thought lately. Why I had not posted that in here? We'll one guy wrote to me earlier today and asked how to run this mod for deathrun (Since originally it was made for stock spawnpoint maps and CodJumper) So how do you do it? We'll its not gonna be hard, infact all you need is these files right here Download the RAR file Drop the folders from the RAR file to your cod4directory/mods/[yourmodname]/ Thats it! Literally Now ingame: Select Mods Launch your the mod which contains the files from earlier steps Wait for few moments for it to load it Open up console (If its disabled, Options, Game Options and Enable Console. Didnt understand? Click this link right here! ) with Tilde key (Above Tab) (Just to be sure) write /g_gametype cj Now type the map you wish to run (Example: mp_deathrun_abandoned) Wait the map to load And your done You can do the binds yourself, I'm not gonna teach that because it's really up to anyone which bind he/she wants to use on specific keys Ahh yes, one more step When you run it first time. DO MAKE NEW PROFILE ONLY FOR CINEMATIC MOD USAGE I dont want to be responsible of ruining your game experience if you dont make new profile and next moment notice when playing on different servers that your binds and other things are gone etc. I hope this long topic has helped you and would like to see what amazing edits you're making with it Best regards, Red Mist / CAR Druglord
  11. Due to the fact that the Raid Deathrun mod does not allow you to devmap, I thought I'd make something here for anyone having trouble devmapping. All you need to do is download this:!jVckmS5Q!R4oL9_wBJOpOPOVdI2BzX-Jd4uK6weWSDreAXCAlq5Q Alternative ZIP File:!KBcxiIIL!rugMmcz57Aq5d8aikDkq5diiFTwgKNoeDIGh21vEa5o This is a mod that is developed specifically for devmapping in mind. It is originally called deathrun_sxk made by sxk. This is a slightly modified version, as I've tweaked a few things, but thanks to him. Unzip it and put it in your Cod4 Directory/Mods folder. (If your game is through steam: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty 4) Once it's in there, you can simply load the mod in game. Once you're in the mod, you can type the following into the console: Obviously, change <mapname> to the name of the map. Example: It's that simple!
  12. Once you learn to read, perhaps.
  13. Hi. Please make a ticket under the "Ban Appeals" department here:
  14. hi all i masterrawand un ban me
  15. Some people kept nagging me to make this... So here it is. Right now there's only one video, and it covers the most basic start door and traps. I plan on uploading a new tutorial every week though, so the library should expand fairly quickly.
  16. Industrial Theme: 4/5 Theme is very well done, looks like an actual place rather than a deathrun map. It has very nice continuity throughout the map as it keeps it theme really well and is designed nicely to be incorporated into a deathrun theme. Only reason why it's not a 5/5 is because as Pain said, the theme of a factory is quite used in deathrun therefore it doesn't have that uniqueness which would make it a 5/5 (although, everything else was done perfectly). Level of detail: 5/5 Definitely top marks, it's detailed very nicely and has nice FX mixed in with the map (especially the minefield) and genuinely looks like an abandoned factory type place and the only downside I can think of is that it reduces your FPS quite a bit, but the way the traps are designed you only need 125 in order to do the traps. Also the weather is very nicely implemented (I believe it's random and selects between rain & lightning to normal?). Uniqueness and variation of traps: 4/5 The traps were well done however the only reason it's not pushing top marks is because of the uniqueness, the minefield trap is very unique and the FX used is also quite unique however the other traps are quite standard, there's not much you can do about this as mostly everything has been done but props on the minefield trap as that was unique. Map flow: 3/5 Map flow is the only area this map doesn't really get top marks, mainly due to as what Pain mentioned again, the tight spaces you need to run through and some of the gaps are quite big for some noobie players. Some of the area can be a little bit confusing as well but that's just probably me in the fact that I'm a retard lmao. Except for those the map flows really well and without the bigger gaps and the tight spaces you need to run through it would be pushing a 5/5. Also I've noticed that there's a few skips (intentional I know) however I'm not a big fan of those in deathrun maps because if they're quite difficult for example then they're only going to be done by a select few people. I really like this map and it's one of the best detailed and themed maps I've seen for a while! Petrichor Theme: 4/5 The only reason as to why this isn't a 5/5 is due to the name not really tying in with the map and the fact that spawn is quite different to the rest of the map. Except for that everything is very unique and well done. Level of detail: 5/5 The uniqueness of the map is the detail itself, not to mention the grass & tree shaders make the map look very nice especially in spawn. Very unique. Uniqueness and variation of traps: 4/5 The uniqueness of traps is very nice, it's something different which is what I believe you tried to accomplish. Very nicely implemented although the traps can be quite confusing at times. Although they are unique and well done some of them are generic and that's why it's not a 5/5. Map flow: 2/5 This is the only downfall of the map in my opinion, the flow isn't that great as said before it can be quite confusing on where to go and what to do for the traps. However I feel with more help to the jumpers on what traps do (possibly some hints) then the flow would definitely be pushing a 3/5 or 4/5. I really like the uniqueness of this map and it's one of the most unique deathrun maps I think I've ever seen! Much different to the other maps and that's a very good thing. Building Escape Theme: 2/5 The theme isn't great as what Synd mentioned, it doesn't really represent much of a building however the reason why this is a 2/5 and not a 1/5 is because of the ending, I like how you've made people finish the map as they come out at an exposed point (much like a car park) and signifies that you've escaped a building. That was well done for me! Level of detail: 1/5 Unfortunately this needs to be a 1/5 due to the lack of detail within the map, the lightning is quite dark and nearly impossible to see in some places requiring fullbright which takes away the niceness of the lighting in some of the places within the map (such as spawn). I also feel there could have been more detailing done in the rooms as the sniper room exposes the skybox at the bottom as does the bounce room. Uniqueness and variation of traps: 1/5 Quite standard traps as far as deathrun goes, no FX used from what I can tell although since this is your first time scripting a map (I believe) then it's pretty well done. Would like to see more FX used just for that little bit more variation in traps or something other than non-solid/moving/rotating traps. Map flow: 3/5 The only reason as to why this isn't a 4/5 or 5/5 is due to the way in which you can skip parts of the map due to the no fall damage. Such as the elevator required to go down isn't necessary as you can just land on the platform regardless. Except for that I think the map flows well overall and is quite fun to complete! This isn't one of my favourite maps but I do like it, and it certainly does flow well and I did like the theme at the end of the map!
  17. I'll just do one for industrial now since it's the only one I've played a bit of. May update with others Theme: 4/5 The theme was done well, and the overall map gives a great feel for going through an abandoned industrial setting that just so happens to have a random minefield. The theme of using a factory/industry itself is a bit over-saturated in deathrun maps, but I believe this map used its name well and created a good theme. Level of detail: 5/5 Not much to say here, detailing from effects with a secret to building and making the map seem like a real place all made it look pretty nice. The rooms themselves are a bit lacking unless they've been updated since I played it, but the main map itself was great. Uniqueness and variation of traps: 5/5 Traps were done well, used unique effects and the minefield was done well. Map flow: 3/5 Not sure I really like this category since I think of speedrunning, which I'll admit this map isn't the greatest for mainly due to a doorway and some sharp corners. The map has a pretty nice variation throughout it and I think its length is pretty good for the theme. Some cuts such as the bounce one inside the building come off as a bit awkward as-well.
  18. mp_dr_metal_factory Theme: 3/5 Pretty standard map theme, but well done. I enjoy the lava and ice contrast within the map, but it has been done before obviously. Still, really well done for a first map. Level of detail: 4/5 Lighting, end rooms, and overall map design is extremely well done. I can't give you more for detail because it's simply not there, however, I feel like there wasn't much room to detail a map like this in the first place. The 3/5 is mainly because of the nice snow fx in the 2nd room, as well as the nice detail in the hide and seek room, etc. Some room for improvement though (fx particles on fire, maybe some decals, variation in ceiling design and floor design, etc.) Uniqueness and variation of traps: 3/5 I'll give you some props for being able to activate the traps multiple times and have them do different things, that can really randomize the timing of certain things. (Like the hammers at the end). Most of the traps were pretty standard, but the FX used, and the actual implementation of the traps was well done. Map flow: 4/5 Map flows really well, the teleport seems a bit choppy at times but that's only if you hit it as someone else has. The only other thing I could say is the small jumps on the platforms after the first corner disrupt your strafing flow as it causes you to slow down, but it doesn't feel warranted, if that makes sense. Other than that, well done. Overall the map is really solid for a first map and I'd like to see more from you. mp_dr_building_escape Theme: 1/5 Standard theme for a deathrun map. I'd give you more credit for this if it were say, an apartment building and you could easily tell it was an apartment building, but you can't really tell you're even in a building at all. Level of detail: 1/5 Besides the spawn platforms and a few light models, there's really not much emphasis on detail. However, at the end of the day, you weren't really going for detail in the first place. It's never too late to learn how to detail! Uniqueness and variation of traps: 2/5 Nothing to see here... Most traps are pretty standard. Nothing revolutionary. Map flow: 4/5 Huge props for the flow of the map. I enjoy playing the map and I think it flows really well. Always room for improvement, though. Perhaps minimize the use of mantles and ladders in the future. Overall, I think the map is fun and that's all that really matters. If you can nail a theme in your next map and work on detailing, I think you could become a pretty good mapper. mp_dr_petrichor Theme: 5/5 The theme is really good and I enjoy the different rounds. The inverted round is insane! (even tho i told u how to do it) Level of detail: 4/5 First area is cool even though its floating, and the black, blue, and orange areas are all really well done. Uniqueness and variation of traps: 3/5 Traps could be better, lots of moving things and rotating things or things you can't really see at all. (or traps that don't do anything at all lol) Map flow: 2/5 The map suffers in this category in my opinion. You have a lot of sharp turns, teleports, and weird awkward jumps. There's nothing wrong with this to be honest, but it does hurt the map flow portion of the map.
  19. Submit your votes for you favourite map(s) from the contest. Entries: You can vote by leaving a comment with scores out of 5 and a short explanation for the following criteria: Theme Level of detail Uniqueness and variation of traps Map flow You're allowed to submit scores for as many maps as you'd like (just not your own). Final scores are calculated as averages based on community feedback (+ the bonus points I said you could earn from optimisation and submitting a script error free map). Template for ratings:
  20. yeah it has setgravity and setjump functions in it. here's a version without them - (updated 23/02/19)
  21. Getting a script compile error when loadin the map on a server. Is this map for 1.8 only?
  22. oops! it's fixed now.
  23. YESSS, I'm with you!! If people want to activate thats absolutely fine. If people choose not to activate that fine too. However in order not to activate you would think you just do nothing. Now you have to run around like a monkey because otherwise it'll trigger the auto acti. I personally really dislike it and don't see the point of it. I mean if you choose not to acti as activator what else is there to do? Let me tab out and put on a different song without acting the whole map.
  24. I agree, or at least make the timer longer. I can't even tab out half the time without it telling me to "move my ass" after like 6 seconds of not moving.
  25. I would like to bring forth the idea of removing the activator AFK trap activating feature, whos with me?
  26. Your map is missing an endmap trigger. I swear a bunch of people pointed this out during testing. It's also pretty dark. I'm having to turn on fullbright if I want to see properly.
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