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  1. Hi, Thank you!! Let´s see if they have another idea. Remember that some years ago it was the same thing. Then I had a chat with the old company that had COD. A girl there helped me. Some MOD etc had to be downloaded. Then after that it worked perfectly. Just tried that as you said. I logged out from App store and then in again. Did not work. Have a great day!
  2. Hi Gallipoli!! Interesting. I bought the game years ago and have the original CD with the game on it. The wierd thing is that when I click on the COD icon it jumps up and down like 2 times but nothing happens. I played one day and the next day it didn´t work. So wierd. If you talk or play with the other guys can you please ask them if they know if there is any solution? Take care Kingtiger
  3. Hi guys and girls! KingtigerGBG here. I haven´t been able to play COD4 on my mac as always. One day some weeks ago I couldn´t open the multiplayer. Just from one day to another day it stopped working. Would be very happy for any advice how I can start gaming again! I haven´t updated the OS or anything. Sooo sad KingtigerGBG