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  2. I'll do most of these. Oi, I told you I'd update it with the Feb update because I'd need to test it. Got a link to either of these? Can't find communism on ModDB nor Google and Oxidation was private (yes, Raid, but I don't actually have the old maps, only the scripts). For Oxidation: If I recall correctly, this is the map that has a trap that rebinds your keys? I'll probably end up just removing that trap altogether then.
  3. Shocked how decent mechanical turk pay is. Made around $12 an hour for the past three days:

    1. atrX


      Huh, didn't even know about this. Amazon made their own Indian tech support then? :dave: 

    2. Anti


      Considering the English and grammar of the requests there, basically. Well worth it though even with the translation needed to know what you're doing.

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  5. Just... No. Added the rest of the suggestions though.
  6. END ROUND - bitch lasagne rockefeller street Peggy Suave - Posin' dance till your dead dead dead dead dead u so pretty when u smeel END MAP - i wanna be tracer howard the alien baby shark
  7. staph hating on apple
  8. File = Archief? I think Apple needs to get some new translators, lol.
  9. More mac plss
  10. For the glory of OUR nation
  11. @lenny Crash nitro kart may have been a good 40% of my childhood Anyways, here is mine of some oni girl who I think is from LoL(?)
  12. taskbar is messy but thought I'd share, only two wallpapers I primarily use : )
  13. Damn, DayZ is popular with our members.
  14. Rule #1: No verbal abuse Rule #2: No cheating of any kind Rule #3: No exploiting/glitching of any kind Rule #4: No using scroll/macro/script/... to kill a player Rule #5: No spamming of any kind Rule #6: No advertising/soliciting Rule #7: No (potentially) offensive or annoying names Rule #8: Speak English when requested by an admin Rule #9: No arguing with admins (listen and learn or leave)
  15. At least somebody understands.
  16. When I implement it, it'll track a whole bunch of stats, no worries. Some of the models? Sure. The gun? Fuck off. I've said it only once in Discord so I understand the general public not knowing about this but in the upcoming update the timer will be disabled during practice rounds (and the free run when you're waiting for someone to connect) so that'll solve that problem.
  17. Atrx: "Timer was disabled in ghost mode for good reason, it wouldn't sync up with regular play (freeze at the start of the round, start doors etc.)." Still still can happen now though. When there is a map with a door and there are traps that only activated once (so after it's activated it won't do anything anymore), in the first round, "free run", you can then skip the waiting time for the door and get an insane time. Second way of doing this, is when you are alone in the server, leave when the round is about to start, then rejoin. The traps won't be activated so you have a free run without waiting time for a door. The time you then get will still be stored. So maybe an idea to add a spot in the map right after leaving the door, where your time starts recording. This way you can add a timer to ghost run as well. Or remove the recording of the time for free run and when you are alone in the server? I don't know if this is possible though.
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  19. Nice bump. That offer's long off the table though.
  20. Oh shit, I just had to dm this entire time to get my powers back instead of begging for it and making a whole new application? oh ffs.
  21. I'll keep an eye on this thread I suppose. Edit: I'll take any suggestions into consideration when I update the rotation for the February update.
  22. Can confirm, after running the map for the first time it took the entire length of the round to complete on apollo. (Granted I was being careful as I hadn't played it before but still, a map should not be that long. I don't recommend making the times longer, I recommend removing shit maps where they are extremely long.
  23. Suggest maps that you think should be removed because they are either completely broken or WAY too long/boring. I'LL START Map Name: mp_deathrun_apollo Screenshot: Reason: This map is completely broken, you can break literally every trap on the map. The map takes way too long because theres a secret that nobody can finish, and the map is just a pile. Please, suggest what needs to be removed below so that we can help filter out the trash. Use template below. Map Name: Screenshot: Reason: I'll post more soon too, but anyone please feel free to comment.
  24. I'd like to add to this conversation the oof gun spooderman bat girl fortnite girl
  25. Nobody wants to play dayZ, stinky
  26. no
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