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  1. Version 1.1.1 of CoD4: Unleashed has been released: Changelog: Added: Full support for HTTP 1.1 JSON support (GSC module, see unleashed\json in bin) isArray function getEpochTime and epochTimeToString setSpectatedClient Changed: Project renamed to CoD4: Unleashed Updated compile info Deprecated httpPostRequest The script reference has been updated to reflect these changes. Edit: Hotfix released addressing an issue with the JSON module not parsing boolean values properly.
  2. Once you learn to read, perhaps.
  3. Hi. Please make a ticket under the "Ban Appeals" department here:
  4. Some people kept nagging me to make this... So here it is. Right now there's only one video, and it covers the most basic start door and traps. I plan on uploading a new tutorial every week though, so the library should expand fairly quickly.
  5. Submit your votes for you favourite map(s) from the contest. Entries: You can vote by leaving a comment with scores out of 5 and a short explanation for the following criteria: Theme Level of detail Uniqueness and variation of traps Map flow You're allowed to submit scores for as many maps as you'd like (just not your own). Final scores are calculated as averages based on community feedback (+ the bonus points I said you could earn from optimisation and submitting a script error free map). Template for ratings:
  6. Your map is missing an endmap trigger. I swear a bunch of people pointed this out during testing. It's also pretty dark. I'm having to turn on fullbright if I want to see properly.
  7. Get this when trying to download:
  8. Dave's a perfect fit for our low level noobs.
  9. There was dave icons in the old mod? My memory fails me.
  10. Rehosting the CoD4 Modtools (patched up to 1.1) here just 'cause. You can download them from the attachments (gotta be signed in).
  11. I don't think you have a clue how many custom functions this map uses. Regular maps generally don't use any, or only stuff like setGravity, setJumpHeight etc, which is pretty fucking easy to take out for devmap (could literally just give people an extra IWD with a script without them). It's not a dumb rule if the community is supposed to judge the maps. Or are they supposed to base their opinions on just having played them once or twice on rhe server? Additionally, I'm the one running the contest. I was only going to enter for fun and if I ended up top 3 I'd just hand my prize to the next in line. So me dropping out doesn't exactly make much of a difference.
  12. Accepted. Please read through the appropriate topics in the admin section. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or any of the other higher ups or fellow admins.
  13. Released and added to the rotation.