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    Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
  1. Congratulations, you've made it to the trial stage, make sure to read through the admin section stickies. ^
  2. Congratulations, you've made it to the trial stage, make sure to read through the admin section stickies. ^
  3. Your application is now available to be voted on.
  4. The current map rotation on Surf is as follows: surf_2pacisalive surf_4head_csgo surf_ace surf_acp_fix surf_aeron surf_aircontrol_fixed surf_ameliorate surf_amir surf_amplitude_encore surf_amplitude_light surf_andromeda surf_annoyance_njv surf_aqua_fix surf_ardon_fix surf_aser surf_atlas surf_atrium surf_aweles surf_beginner surf_benevolent surf_beverages surf_borderlands surf_boring surf_calycate2 surf_calycate_ksf surf_calzone surf_classics surf_classics2 surf_colum_2 surf_colum_up surf_concreteideas surf_coralis_ksf surf_cyberwave surf_dank surf_deathstar surf_delight_go surf_delusional surf_deoa surf_derpis_ksf surf_doodles_njv surf_duggywuggy surf_eclipse surf_elites_v2_fix surf_epicube_ksf surf_ethereal surf_exocube surf_exurbia_v2 surf_flow surf_flyin_fortress_sh surf_forbidden_ways_ksf surf_forgotten surf_fornax surf_fortum surf_frost surf_fruits surf_furios surf_garden_go surf_glass7 surf_glass9 surf_gleam surf_globalchaos surf_gold1 surf_grassland surf_guitar_hi surf_halloween_tf surf_horizon_njv surf_how2surf surf_hurrr surf_inspire surf_island surf_ivory surf_journeys_final surf_juturna surf_kitsune_fix surf_klue surf_lament_n2p surf_lavaflow surf_leet_xl_beta7z_ surf_lessons surf_lore_e surf_lullaby_ksf surf_lux surf_marbleblast_e surf_me surf_mellow surf_mesa_fix surf_mesa_mine surf_mesa_revo surf_minecraft_2016_final surf_minuet_njv surf_mjk surf_mom_fix surf_nebula surf_neo_njv surf_network_2009_sh surf_not_so_beginner surf_not_so_disaster surf_not_so_sinister surf_ny_momentum_v3_1 surf_ny_platinum surf_oasis surf_oma surf_orthodox_fix surf_palm surf_pantheon surf_pathfinder surf_physics surf_pinkbash surf_pinkcubes_fix surf_pox surf_prelude_ksf surf_presmon_fix surf_rainbow surf_rebel_resistance_njv surf_reprise surf_reytx surf_rez surf_rocco_v2 surf_rooftopsv2 surf_rookie surf_sandtrap surf_sandtrap2 surf_satellite_fix surf_saturday_fix surf_singletons surf_southpark_refix surf_spacejam surf_summer surf_summit surf_sundown_njv surf_sunnyhappylove surf_sup surf_syria surf_tensile_njv surf_the_gloaming surf_tomb_redone surf_torrent_njv_fix surf_trance_ksf surf_utopia_v3 surf_vegetables surf_water-run_banjo_skill surf_waterworks surf_whiteout surf_wood surf_zbig_rc2 surf_zealand surf_zor
  5. Type: Linear Difficulty: Intermediate Download: Screenshots:
  6. Welcome back, don't think we personally interacted much back in the days but it's always nice to see a familiar face pop up again (used to go by Slaya/JR-Imagine).
  7. Small update introducing two new features and some animation fixes. Changelog New: Added option to toggle showing jumpers (B51 or !hideplayers) Added option to enable a speed meter (B52) Changes: Adjusted Karambit animations (thanks @Mist)
  8. I don't like Kanye.
  9. This mod is being developed during livestreams, you can follow them here: An archive of all previous streams can be found here: I'll announce every stream in the #streams channel on Discord (though I forgot to do so today c:). During these streams I'll be reading your feedback and answering any questions you may have. The mod is also open source and can be found on GitHub:
  10. To apply for admin you must: Have at least 50 combined hours played on our servers Be a mature individual capable of staying calm in heated situations Be at least 16 years of age (exceptions can be made) Be active at least on a weekly basis Not have a potential conflict of interest (management role in another CS:GO community/clan, server admins are fine) Failure to meet these requirements will result in instant denial of your application. Below is a template to use when applying: Failure to use the template provided will result in instant denial of your application. Template and requirements last updated: 07/08/2019
  11. I had a feeling it was a bot... Oh well, bye.
  12. The 1.4 update will go live at ~7PM GMT today. The changelog can be found below. Changelog New: Added an additional 120 levels to make for a total of 200 earnable levels! Reach level 200 for a shiny animated rank icon. (thanks @xoxor4d0xzz) Added a few new maps to the rotation and removed some that were causing errors due to engine limits (if there's any maps you'd like added/removed, please make a topic about it here) You can now select a camo to use on your guns (there's 5 camos, won't be adding more due to asset limits) New customisation options: (huge thanks to @Mist and @ERICOS for fixing a bunch of broken stuff) 11 new characters 4 new viewhands 4 new guns 1 new VIP melee weapon 1 new non-VIP melee weapon New endround and endmap songs (about time) Changes: Killcam overhaul, now also shows on the last round Player cards (the thing that pops up when someone gets a kill) have been overhauled New rank icons (you'll earn a new icon every 5 levels, up to level 100, at which point you'll be granted the Raid logo icon until you reach the gold 200 icon) Endround end endmap songs now play from a queue instead of being randomly selected Tomahawk got its old texture back from the old mod L96A1 has been replaced with the L115A3 from Ghosts MW3 Five-Seven has been replaced with the BO2 one Viewhands customisation now applies to the activator too (now shut up @iiManix) Fixes: Wounded and Captain America viewhands no longer cause unused attachments to show on weapons Pressing ESC no longer closes the mapvote Secret exit on mp_dr_hardstyle has been moved mp_dr_alley will now correctly give you an RPG in the RPG room Secret on famous should be properly blocked now Going old on mp_dr_caution no longer takes your guns away Fixed hard secret exit on mp_dr_jump_hard Blocked cut in first secret on mp_dr_lithium that made secret faster than main map Blocked cut on mp_dr_rock Fixed endmap trigger on mp_deathrun_azteca Probably some stuff I forgot to mention, but the most important bits should be in the changelog.
  13. Updated rotation for upcoming update 1.4.