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  1. And this, my friends, is how you get instantly denied a position that requires some maturity and capability of being serious.
  2. Anyone is free to request the creation of a Hub from here on out: I like some of the ideas you two have put forth and I hope there is some community interest for them.
  3. Do you want to become the face of the new Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Hub? Fill out the form provided and you will be entered in a community vote to become a Community Manager. Failure to use the template will result in you not being entered in the vote.
  4. Do you want to become the face of the new Call of Duty: World at War Hub? Fill out the form provided and you will be entered in a community vote to become a Community Manager. Failure to use the template will result in you not being entered in the vote.
  5. Do you want to become the face of the new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Hub? Fill out the form provided and you will be entered in a community vote to become a Community Manager. Failure to use the template will result in you not being entered in the vote.
  6. I love *insert game*, how do I request a Hub for it? The process is quite simple, all you need to do is make a new topic and fill out the following template: Members of the community will now be able to comment on your topic and share their thoughts. When deciding if we add a Hub or not, we will primarily focus on the following things: Likes on the first post Community engagement (are people actually vouching for it?) Popularity of the game (don't worry, a game doesn't have to be an absolute smash hit like GTA V to get a Hub) Community Manager elections Yup, you heard that right. Our Community Managers are democratically elected. It's quite a simple process, once we decide a Hub should be made for a game we will create a topic for people to sign up (process may differ depending on the game, but you'll usually have to fill out a short form). Once the sign up period expires a new topic will be created with a poll attached containing the names and links to the filled out forms of all the candidates. The community will then vote on who they want as the Community Manager for the new Hub. FAQ
  7. That title though... First things first, no I'm not going to kill off Raid anytime soon (quite the opposite, actually). As everyone is well aware, our servers, forums and Discord haven't exactly been the most active. As a result, I've been wanting to diversify our community a bit, introduce new games and generalise it a bit more rather than just "we host servers". In this post I'm going to be laying out my current plans. Anyone is free to give feedback and introduce new ideas (any help is welcome, I want to see this community shine like it used to). Game/Community Hubs Hubs will act as a place of discussion for a game. They'll be run by Community Managers (more on these further down the post) who will moderate, organise events etc. Since we can't just create a hub for every game in existence, I want people to actually come forward and request to add a new hub when they have a group of people interested in said game. We'll have a dedicated section on the forums for hub requests with clear instructions on how the process is handled. Community Managers If these changes are effective and bring in more people, we're going to need some people to manage each hub. This is where Community Managers come in. These individuals would be community-elected (we into politics now bois) and serve as the primary administrators of their respective hub. They can run their hub as they wish, so long as they listen to the community of said hub. Basically, they're like moderators of a subreddit, for those familiar with Reddit. Discord The Discord server will get a serious overhaul to be more in line with the whole hub thing. We don't want to make it too crowded though (not have 100 different text channels for a singular game) so we'll have to impose limits on hubs based on popularity and the type of game. You'll be able to assign yourself groups through a bot based on what hubs you want to be in. Once you're in a hub's group you'll be able to see the channels related to the hub and partake in discussions and events. What of the servers? Our CoD4 servers will continue to be run as normal, nothing really changes here. However, once the overhaul of the leaderboards, servers page and Echelon are done, we might start putting up servers for popular hubs. More details once we're actually ready for it. So yeah, let me know what you think. If you have any ideas worth sharing, don't hesitate. All of your opinions matter to us, we want to provide you with the best possible community experience we can. I've attached a poll to the post so we can get a bit of an overview on the amount of people that like/dislike the idea. If you vote (especially if you vote no), we'd really appreciate if you also explained your choice. As a final note, I'd like to thank everyone that's been there with us up to this point. You've all been wonderful and it means a lot to me that there's people who genuinely care a lot about our community.
  8. I'm still on holiday, I ain't doing math kid.
  9. I regret to inform you that your application has been declined. If you wish to, you may re-apply in 30 days.
  10. Exams are a bitch. I'll be back to working on Raid related stuff in september. Gotta get that leaderboard overhaul out. :ph34r:

  11. Hi there! We've just launched our own Promod server (well, yesterday...)! It's pretty barebones right now as I've been busy with other things, but I did promised to get it out by the end of the month so yeah... I'll probably update the mod with new stuff at some point. My main focus was the new server-sided anti cheat, which covers a few common types of cheats and has been rolled out onto most of our servers (basically all the ones where it would actually be useful). The new anti cheat will be updated and adjusted regularly (though you won't notice, as it's completely server-sided). Regards, atrX.
  12. You currently do not meet the requirements listed here: You may re-apply in 30 days.
  13. Leaderboards system will be a thing in an upcoming update, as stated in our roadmap (which has slightly changed since the announcement, surf update will come with the leaderboards update, not before due to requiring close integration). It'll be a complete overhaul of what we currently have with the surf one, with a web frontend and some ingame commands to see your rank and the top 10 of the map/server. I'm probably also going to be adding a bunch of challenges and special, weekly events to the server with the leaderboards update but no details on that yet. You do realise we have a custom rotation system that forces you to play all but 5 (due to the vote requiring 6 maps to start) of the 124 maps currently in the rotation before you can play the same map again, right? I made it exactly for that reason, I'm well aware people would bitch about the same maps being played. Now all they can do is make suggestions to expand the rotation even further as it can, in theory, handle however many maps you want.
  14. Or you can just rig it yourself?
  15. I'll get these sorted out later. Docs aren't meant to be mobile optimised otherwise I would've made them with that in mind, you really don't have any use for them on mobile.