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  1. Which mod are you using? Most servers run their scripts server-side nowadays so you won't be able to use those to devmap. I'd suggest getting the stock 1.2 deathrun mod from ModDB or looking for something like Stefan's mod (don't have a link and forgot what it's actually called, sorry).
  2. Well, everyone did think BraXi was a girl for a very long time. Still plenty of people who do, probably. Rumor started on the old BraXi forums.
  3. Used to go by Slaya (or JR-Imagine on the forums). But by the time I resigned I had changed my name on the forums already, I'm pretty sure. BraXi's a guy. He was a Community Manager at Raid (granted, one that didn't really do anything). Hasn't run any servers since 1.1, to my knowledge. Lossy was the person working on Raid's mod. ^
  4. Welcome back! Always nice to see people from the old days (even if I don't exactly remember most people). It's okay, we're all socially awkward basement dwellers here. You'll feel right at home. Why do I feel like you're talking about me? Lol. DM me on Discord (@atrX), I can send you a clean copy to use with your CD key, if you want.
  5. Sorry for taking this long to get the results out, I've been incredibly busy lately. ^.^ Anyway, here are the results (category scores are averages based on user votes, total is all categories added up). 4th Place: mp_dr_building_escape by @ImJustBad Theme: 1.7/5 Level of detail: 1.3/5 Uniqueness and variation of traps: 2/5 Map flow: 3.7/5 Optimisation: 0/2.5 (No caulk) No script errors: 0/2.5 (One of the traps throws an "undefined is not an entity" error + entering an endroom on free run throws an error) Total: 8.7/25 3rd Place: mp_dr_metal_factory by @Cloudy Theme: 3/5 Level of detail: 3.5/5 Uniqueness and variation of traps: 4/5 Map flow: 4/5 Optimisation: 0/2.5 (No caulk) No script errors: 0/2.5 (Entering an endroom on free run throws an error) Total: 14.5/25 2nd Place: mp_dr_petrichor by @jwofles Theme: 4.5/5 Level of detail: 4.5/5 Uniqueness and variation of traps: 3.5/5 Map flow: 2/5 Optimisation: 2.5/2.5 (Congratulations on being the only person in the contest to know what caulking is) No script errors: 0/2.5 (Entering an endroom on free run throws an error) Total: 17/25 1st Place: mp_dr_industrial by @TheHumble_J Theme: 4/5 Level of detail: 5/5 Uniqueness and variation of traps: 4.7/5 Map flow: 3.7/5 Optimisation: 0/2.5 (No caulk) No script errors: 0/2.5 (Entering an endroom on free run throws an error) Total: 17.4/25 Congratulations on the win @TheHumble_J! I'll DM you about your prize. And thank you everyone else who entered.
  6. Submit your votes for you favourite map(s) from the contest. Entries: You can vote by leaving a comment with scores out of 5 and a short explanation for the following criteria: Theme Level of detail Uniqueness and variation of traps Map flow You're allowed to submit scores for as many maps as you'd like (just not your own). Final scores are calculated as averages based on community feedback (+ the bonus points I said you could earn from optimisation and submitting a script error free map). Template for ratings:
  7. Version 1.1.1 of CoD4: Unleashed has been released: Changelog: Added: Full support for HTTP 1.1 JSON support (GSC module, see unleashed\json in bin) isArray function getEpochTime and epochTimeToString setSpectatedClient Changed: Project renamed to CoD4: Unleashed Updated compile info Deprecated httpPostRequest The script reference has been updated to reflect these changes. Edit: Hotfix released addressing an issue with the JSON module not parsing boolean values properly.
  8. Once you learn to read, perhaps.
  9. Hi. Please make a ticket under the "Ban Appeals" department here:
  10. Some people kept nagging me to make this... So here it is. Right now there's only one video, and it covers the most basic start door and traps. I plan on uploading a new tutorial every week though, so the library should expand fairly quickly.
  11. Your map is missing an endmap trigger. I swear a bunch of people pointed this out during testing. It's also pretty dark. I'm having to turn on fullbright if I want to see properly.
  12. Get this when trying to download:
  13. Hi there! I need a total of 20 rank icons for the next update. Keep in mind, these will be replacing all of the icons we have right now (every 5 levels you'll get a new icon), so if there's one in the mod you really like, you can suggest that too. This is to save on image assets so we can add more customisation options (and possibly get certain maps working again). Rank icons should be square and at least 128x128. If they do not cover the entire surface of the image, they should have a transparent background. Edit: I've attached all the rank icons from the current mod that weren't from stock 1.2. They're in TGA format, so some software might have problems opening them.
  14. Dave's a perfect fit for our low level noobs.
  15. There was dave icons in the old mod? My memory fails me.
  16. Rehosting the CoD4 Modtools (patched up to 1.1) here just 'cause. You can download them from the attachments (gotta be signed in).
  17. I don't think you have a clue how many custom functions this map uses. Regular maps generally don't use any, or only stuff like setGravity, setJumpHeight etc, which is pretty fucking easy to take out for devmap (could literally just give people an extra IWD with a script without them). It's not a dumb rule if the community is supposed to judge the maps. Or are they supposed to base their opinions on just having played them once or twice on rhe server? Additionally, I'm the one running the contest. I was only going to enter for fun and if I ended up top 3 I'd just hand my prize to the next in line. So me dropping out doesn't exactly make much of a difference.
  18. Traps: 12 Endrooms: Sniper, Knife, Bounce, Bunnhop, Surf Secret: 1 Difficulty: Medium Length: Medium/Long Download: This map requires CoD4X Server 1.8 to run (or in the case of CoD4: Unleashed (our patch), you can play it on our server or DM me for a compatible version). Old live streams: Decided to not make the map a contest map, couldn't be bothered to make it work in devmap.
  19. Accepted. Please read through the appropriate topics in the admin section. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or any of the other higher ups or fellow admins.
  20. Released and added to the rotation.
  21. It didn't crash when I spun up the dev server... That's something, right?
  22. Added to the server.
  23. Hi there and welcome to 2019! We've got lots of exciting things planned but for now we're kicking off the new year with a deathrun mapping competition! Deadline and submission All maps must be submitted by 11:59PM GMT on February 17th. Submitting a map is done by creating a topic in with screenshots/info/whatever of your map and a download link. Your topic title should start with "[Mapping Contest]" to differentiate between contest submissions and regular content. Prizes Right now the prizes are as follows: 1st place: 3 months of VIP 2nd place: 2 months of VIP 3rd place: 1 month of VIP I'll probably throw in a 15-20 EUR Steam gift card for first place if enough people show interest. If anyone else wants to contribute to the prize pool, hit me up. Rules You must be able to finish on 190 speed with a speed scale of 1.0 (why else would you be entering this competition?) Your map must have a working endmap trigger Your map must make use of the trigger list method for trap activation XP (if anyone doesn't know how to do this, hit me up and I'll write up a quick tutorial) Broken lightgrid or failure to compile reflections = disqualified (no one likes a broken map) No custom weapons (for the love of god, can people please stop doing this?) Do not force viewhands/playermodels/weapons/... on players upon spawning You can add secrets, but they are NOT to be taken into account when judging a map You must not have started mapping before the time at which this was posted You must be able to run your map using 1.7 Criteria We will have the community vote on each map with a set of criteria, each with a rating out of 5: Theme Level of detail Uniqueness and variation of traps Map flow You can gain additional points with the following criteria (2.5 for each): Optimisation (proper use of caulk etc. will gain you points, portalling for big and detailed maps is appreciated but won't be taken into account) Submitting a map without script errors FAQ If you have any more questions, feel free to ask below. Edit: If you're planning on entering, please comment down below so I can get an idea of the amount of contestants.