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  1. "Failure to use the template provided will result in instant denial of your application." Declined. You may apply again in 30 days.
  2. It's a smaller update with the main feature being the all new Double Jump events (join today at 12PM EST/5PM GMT/6PM CET). Changelog New: Double Jump events (press jump again mid-air to double jump) Added mp_dr_celerity to the rotation Changes: Map records won't submit if Double Jump is enabled Server name now shows "190 speed" as per the suggestion of @Caspa Removed mp_dr_raky from the rotation Fixes: Disable AFK activation if there is more than 1 activator Removed Crowbar worldmodel (melee weapons aren't supposed to have a world model) We'll have 2x XP enabled for the duration of the weekend and double jump for the duration of the event.
  3. Congratulations, you've made it to the trial stage, make sure to read through the admin section stickies. ^
  4. Declined for failing to follow the format.
  5. Unfortunately you do not currently meet the minimum required hours: You may apply again in 30 days.
  6. Uh what?
  7. Hi there! After all this time, we're finally launching our very own official merch (T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, cases, stickers, ...)! We currently have products in 3 styles, go check them out. Every order comes with a free month of VIP on our servers of a game of your choosing (more details below). Some examples of the available items: Link to the shop: How do I redeem my free month of VIP? Follow the instructions on how to redeem VIP regularly as if you had donated but attach your order number in the DM too. Please only message ME, not any of the other managers/owners, as I am the only on with access to the order history for our merch shop.
  8. As a thank you for donating you'll receive VIP features on our servers. Below is a list of features per server aswell as a list of the amount of months you'll get per donation: All servers: Reserved slot (don't get kicked to make room for VIPs) Custom knives (type !ck or !customknife) Custom name tags (type !tag, !tags or !tagmenu) Forums: Permanent Donator rank Private Donator-only section VIP durations*: 5 USD: 1 month 25 USD: 5 months + 1 free month 50 USD: 10 months + 2 free months * Donations do not stack, meaning if you donate 3.50 USD, for example, you can't donate 1.50 USD afterwards to receive VIP. Only full amounts will be accepted. To receive VIP, please contact a Manager or Owner after donating and include your Steam profile link in your message. A list of our management division can be found at
  9. I told you to read through the requirements and use the template provided, this is not it chief.
  10. World class application right here.
  11. Changelog New: Multiple activators on old only maps Server-side toggle to give activator(s) weapons Server-side toggle to enable old only map events Option to enable a laser sight Added mp_dr_atlantis and mp_dr_catherine to the rotation Added option to bind "hide players" in the controls menu Changes: Removed dead servers from main menu (Promod + TDM) Updated Crowbar textures Removed forced customisation from: mp_deathrun_fusion mp_deathrun_mine mp_deathrun_sonic mp_dr_cyber mp_dr_pandemonium mp_dr_slayv2 mp_dr_zvr_dimensions mp_dr_windwaker Got rid of the absolute fucking cancerous "Mustamies" song on mp_dr_skii Disabled spectator list (at least for now, as it crashes the server with too many players on) Re-added mp_dr_decay Sonic model secret Fixes: Fixed idle anim for Brawler's Brew Fixed mp_dr_windwaker resetting XP when picking up gems Added missing Brawler's Brew to the item shop Removed mp_vc_garage and mp_dr_industrial from the rotation (engine limits exceeded causing server crash) Blocked mp_deathrun_cookie cut For the upcoming event this weekend we'll have 2x XP, exclusively old only maps and activator weapons enabled.
  12. Updated rotation for upcoming update 1.5.
  13. The current map rotation on Deathrun is as follows: mp_deathrun_amazon mp_deathrun_azteca mp_deathrun_boss mp_deathrun_bricky mp_deathrun_cave mp_deathrun_cherry mp_deathrun_chunk mp_deathrun_city mp_deathrun_clockwork mp_deathrun_colourful mp_deathrun_control mp_deathrun_cookie mp_deathrun_cosmic mp_deathrun_coyote mp_deathrun_coyote_v2 mp_deathrun_crystal mp_deathrun_crystal_v2 mp_deathrun_darkness mp_deathrun_diehard mp_deathrun_dirt mp_deathrun_dragonball mp_deathrun_dungeon mp_deathrun_easy mp_deathrun_electory mp_deathrun_empire mp_deathrun_epicfail mp_deathrun_factory mp_deathrun_familyguy mp_deathrun_fearful mp_deathrun_flow mp_deathrun_fluxx mp_deathrun_forest mp_deathrun_framey_v2 mp_deathrun_fusion mp_deathrun_glass mp_deathrun_godfather mp_deathrun_gold mp_deathrun_greenland mp_deathrun_haunted mp_deathrun_hop mp_deathrun_horror mp_deathrun_illusion mp_deathrun_industryv2 mp_deathrun_inferno mp_deathrun_islands mp_deathrun_jailhouse mp_deathrun_life mp_deathrun_liferun mp_deathrun_long mp_deathrun_max mp_deathrun_metal2 mp_deathrun_mine mp_deathrun_minecraft mp_deathrun_oreo mp_deathrun_palm mp_deathrun_ponies mp_deathrun_portal_v3 mp_deathrun_qube mp_deathrun_rocky mp_deathrun_ruin mp_deathrun_ruin2 mp_deathrun_sanctuary mp_deathrun_scoria mp_deathrun_semtex mp_deathrun_sick mp_deathrun_skypillar mp_deathrun_slow mp_deathrun_sm_v2 mp_deathrun_sonic mp_deathrun_spaceball mp_deathrun_takecare mp_deathrun_trans mp_deathrun_tribute mp_deathrun_uncharted mp_deathrun_underworld mp_deathrun_watchit_v3 mp_deathrun_waterworld mp_deathrun_waterwork mp_deathrun_wicked mp_deathrun_wicked2 mp_deathrun_wipeout mp_deathrun_wipeout_v2 mp_deathrun_wood mp_deathrun_zero mp_dr_2towers mp_dr_420 mp_dr_alley mp_dr_anotherworld mp_dr_apocalypse mp_dr_atlantis mp_dr_bananaphone_v2 mp_dr_beach mp_dr_beat mp_dr_bigfall mp_dr_blackandwhite mp_dr_blackandwhite2 mp_dr_blue mp_dr_bounce mp_dr_building_escape mp_dr_caelum mp_dr_catherine mp_dr_caution mp_dr_clifside mp_dr_cyber mp_dr_darmuh mp_dr_darmuhv2 mp_dr_dawn mp_dr_deadzone mp_dr_decay mp_dr_deepwind mp_dr_destiny mp_dr_detained mp_dr_digital mp_dr_disco mp_dr_droid mp_dr_ethereal mp_dr_fallrun mp_dr_famous mp_dr_geno mp_dr_glass2 mp_dr_glass3 mp_dr_gooby mp_dr_guest_list mp_dr_h2o mp_dr_hardest_game mp_dr_hardstyle mp_dr_harrypotter mp_dr_heat mp_dr_heaven mp_dr_hilly_v2 mp_dr_holyshiet mp_dr_holyshiet_v2 mp_dr_imaginary mp_dr_indipyramid mp_dr_iwillrockyou mp_dr_jump mp_dr_jump_hard mp_dr_jumpv2 mp_dr_jurapark mp_dr_laboratory mp_dr_lava_world mp_dr_lazyriver mp_dr_levels mp_dr_lithium mp_dr_lovelyplanet mp_dr_lxury mp_dr_merry_xmas mp_dr_metal_factory mp_dr_mew mp_dr_mountain_escape mp_dr_mycastle mp_dr_nebula mp_dr_neon mp_dr_nightlight mp_dr_nighty mp_dr_outside mp_dr_overgrown mp_dr_oxidation mp_dr_pacman mp_dr_pandemonium mp_dr_petrichor mp_dr_pool mp_dr_prison_escape mp_dr_progression mp_dr_purple_world mp_dr_pro_v2 mp_dr_rage mp_dr_raky mp_dr_ravine mp_dr_rock mp_dr_shipment mp_dr_skii mp_dr_skydeath mp_dr_skypower mp_dr_slay mp_dr_slayv2 mp_dr_slayv3 mp_dr_sm_world mp_dr_sm64 mp_dr_something mp_dr_spaceball_v2 mp_dr_spacelab mp_dr_spacetrip mp_dr_spacetunnel mp_dr_spedex mp_dr_steel mp_dr_stonerun mp_dr_stormyascent mp_dr_stronghold mp_dr_style mp_dr_sucatraps mp_dr_sunset mp_dr_sunset2 mp_dr_sunset3 mp_dr_terror mp_dr_thewar mp_dr_trapntrance mp_dr_trikx mp_dr_tron mp_dr_tropical mp_dr_turnabout mp_dr_un_named mp_dr_underground mp_dr_underwater mp_dr_universe mp_dr_unreal mp_dr_vector mp_dr_vistic_castle mp_dr_volpe mp_dr_volpe2 mp_dr_watercity mp_dr_windwaker mp_dr_winter_wipeout mp_dr_wipeout mp_dr_worldofmetal mp_dr_wtf mp_dr_xm mp_dr_xm2 mp_dr_xm3 mp_dr_xplosive mp_dr_zvr_dimensions mp_fnrp_iceland_v2 mp_fnrp_piratas mp_vc_tunnels
  14. Congratulations, you've made it to the trial stage, make sure to read through the admin section stickies. ^
  15. I've been busy with work, people have been throwing ideas at me left, right and center and I haven't been able to implement the vast majority of them. And Mikey doesn't really do anything these days.
  16. Doesn't meet the hours requirement according to RankMe because he reset his stats, GT says ~50 hours so well above the requirement. Good luck.
  17. Unfortunately you don't meet the minimum requirement of 20 hours played. Declined.
  18. Thank you, however, I've checked your hours played and you do not currently meet the minimum requirement of 20 hours played. Unfortunately we're going to have to decline your application. You may apply again in 30 days.
  19. Could you link your steam profile please? Can't seem to find the profile in question.
  20. Congratulations, you've made it to the trial stage, make sure to read through the admin section stickies. ^
  21. Congratulations, you've made it to the trial stage, make sure to read through the admin section stickies. ^
  22. I regret to inform you your application has been denied.
  23. Eww.
  24. It differs. Usually we sort through an application within 1-2 weeks (we'll talk to you earlier than that though).
  25. Admin applications should be posted here: and should abide by the format provided here: Locked.