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  1. Welcome back, don't think we personally interacted much back in the days but it's always nice to see a familiar face pop up again (used to go by Slaya/JR-Imagine).
  2. This mod is being developed during livestreams, you can follow them here: An archive of all previous streams can be found here: I'll announce every stream in the #streams channel on Discord (though I forgot to do so today c:). During these streams I'll be reading your feedback and answering any questions you may have. The mod is also open source and can be found on GitHub:
  3. Small update introducing two new features and some animation fixes. Changelog New: Added option to toggle showing jumpers (B51 or !hideplayers) Added option to enable a speed meter (B52) Changes: Adjusted Karambit animations (thanks @Mist)
  4. I don't like Kanye.
  5. To apply for admin you must: Have at least 50 combined hours played on our servers Be a mature individual capable of staying calm in heated situations Be at least 16 years of age (exceptions can be made) Be active at least on a weekly basis Not have a potential conflict of interest (management role in another CS:GO community/clan, server admins are fine) Failure to meet these requirements will result in instant denial of your application. Below is a template to use when applying: Failure to use the template provided will result in instant denial of your application. Template and requirements last updated: 07/08/2019
  6. I had a feeling it was a bot... Oh well, bye.
  7. The 1.4 update will go live at ~7PM GMT today. The changelog can be found below. Changelog New: Added an additional 120 levels to make for a total of 200 earnable levels! Reach level 200 for a shiny animated rank icon. (thanks @xoxor4d0xzz) Added a few new maps to the rotation and removed some that were causing errors due to engine limits (if there's any maps you'd like added/removed, please make a topic about it here) You can now select a camo to use on your guns (there's 5 camos, won't be adding more due to asset limits) New customisation options: (huge thanks to @Mist and @ERICOS for fixing a bunch of broken stuff) 11 new characters 4 new viewhands 4 new guns 1 new VIP melee weapon 1 new non-VIP melee weapon New endround and endmap songs (about time) Changes: Killcam overhaul, now also shows on the last round Player cards (the thing that pops up when someone gets a kill) have been overhauled New rank icons (you'll earn a new icon every 5 levels, up to level 100, at which point you'll be granted the Raid logo icon until you reach the gold 200 icon) Endround end endmap songs now play from a queue instead of being randomly selected Tomahawk got its old texture back from the old mod L96A1 has been replaced with the L115A3 from Ghosts MW3 Five-Seven has been replaced with the BO2 one Viewhands customisation now applies to the activator too (now shut up @iiManix) Fixes: Wounded and Captain America viewhands no longer cause unused attachments to show on weapons Pressing ESC no longer closes the mapvote Secret exit on mp_dr_hardstyle has been moved mp_dr_alley will now correctly give you an RPG in the RPG room Secret on famous should be properly blocked now Going old on mp_dr_caution no longer takes your guns away Fixed hard secret exit on mp_dr_jump_hard Blocked cut in first secret on mp_dr_lithium that made secret faster than main map Blocked cut on mp_dr_rock Fixed endmap trigger on mp_deathrun_azteca Probably some stuff I forgot to mention, but the most important bits should be in the changelog.
  8. Updated rotation for upcoming update 1.4.
  9. The current map rotation on Deathrun is as follows: mp_deathrun_amazon mp_deathrun_azteca mp_deathrun_boss mp_deathrun_bricky mp_deathrun_cave mp_deathrun_cherry mp_deathrun_chunk mp_deathrun_city mp_deathrun_clockwork mp_deathrun_colourful mp_deathrun_control mp_deathrun_cookie mp_deathrun_cosmic mp_deathrun_coyote mp_deathrun_coyote_v2 mp_deathrun_crystal mp_deathrun_crystal_v2 mp_deathrun_darkness mp_deathrun_diehard mp_deathrun_dirt mp_deathrun_dragonball mp_deathrun_dungeon mp_deathrun_easy mp_deathrun_electory mp_deathrun_empire mp_deathrun_epicfail mp_deathrun_factory mp_deathrun_familyguy mp_deathrun_fearful mp_deathrun_flow mp_deathrun_fluxx mp_deathrun_forest mp_deathrun_framey_v2 mp_deathrun_fusion mp_deathrun_glass mp_deathrun_godfather mp_deathrun_gold mp_deathrun_greenland mp_deathrun_haunted mp_deathrun_hop mp_deathrun_horror mp_deathrun_illusion mp_deathrun_industryv2 mp_deathrun_inferno mp_deathrun_islands mp_deathrun_jailhouse mp_deathrun_life mp_deathrun_liferun mp_deathrun_long mp_deathrun_max mp_deathrun_metal2 mp_deathrun_mine mp_deathrun_minecraft mp_deathrun_oreo mp_deathrun_palm mp_deathrun_ponies mp_deathrun_portal_v3 mp_deathrun_qube mp_deathrun_rocky mp_deathrun_ruin mp_deathrun_ruin2 mp_deathrun_sanctuary mp_deathrun_scoria mp_deathrun_semtex mp_deathrun_sick mp_deathrun_skypillar mp_deathrun_slow mp_deathrun_sm_v2 mp_deathrun_sonic mp_deathrun_spaceball mp_deathrun_takecare mp_deathrun_trans mp_deathrun_tribute mp_deathrun_uncharted mp_deathrun_underworld mp_deathrun_watchit_v3 mp_deathrun_waterworld mp_deathrun_waterwork mp_deathrun_wicked mp_deathrun_wicked2 mp_deathrun_wipeout mp_deathrun_wipeout_v2 mp_deathrun_wood mp_deathrun_zero mp_dr_2towers mp_dr_420 mp_dr_alley mp_dr_anotherworld mp_dr_apocalypse mp_dr_bananaphone_v2 mp_dr_beach mp_dr_beat mp_dr_bigfall mp_dr_blackandwhite mp_dr_blackandwhite2 mp_dr_blue mp_dr_bounce mp_dr_building_escape mp_dr_caelum mp_dr_caution mp_dr_clifside mp_dr_cyber mp_dr_darmuh mp_dr_darmuhv2 mp_dr_dawn mp_dr_deadzone mp_dr_decay mp_dr_deepwind mp_dr_destiny mp_dr_detained mp_dr_digital mp_dr_disco mp_dr_droid mp_dr_ethereal mp_dr_fallrun mp_dr_famous mp_dr_geno mp_dr_glass2 mp_dr_glass3 mp_dr_gooby mp_dr_guest_list mp_dr_h2o mp_dr_hardest_game mp_dr_hardstyle mp_dr_harrypotter mp_dr_heat mp_dr_heaven mp_dr_hilly_v2 mp_dr_holyshiet mp_dr_holyshiet_v2 mp_dr_imaginary mp_dr_indipyramid mp_dr_industrial mp_dr_iwillrockyou mp_dr_jump mp_dr_jump_hard mp_dr_jumpv2 mp_dr_jurapark mp_dr_laboratory mp_dr_lava_world mp_dr_lazyriver mp_dr_levels mp_dr_lithium mp_dr_lovelyplanet mp_dr_lxury mp_dr_merry_xmas mp_dr_metal_factory mp_dr_mew mp_dr_mountain_escape mp_dr_mycastle mp_dr_nebula mp_dr_neon mp_dr_nightlight mp_dr_nighty mp_dr_outside mp_dr_overgrown mp_dr_oxidation mp_dr_pacman mp_dr_pandemonium mp_dr_petrichor mp_dr_pool mp_dr_prison_escape mp_dr_progression mp_dr_purple_world mp_dr_pro_v2 mp_dr_rage mp_dr_raky mp_dr_ravine mp_dr_rock mp_dr_shipment mp_dr_skii mp_dr_skydeath mp_dr_skypower mp_dr_slay mp_dr_slayv2 mp_dr_slayv3 mp_dr_sm_world mp_dr_sm64 mp_dr_something mp_dr_spaceball_v2 mp_dr_spacelab mp_dr_spacetrip mp_dr_spacetunnel mp_dr_spedex mp_dr_steel mp_dr_stonerun mp_dr_stormyascent mp_dr_stronghold mp_dr_style mp_dr_sucatraps mp_dr_sunset mp_dr_sunset2 mp_dr_sunset3 mp_dr_terror mp_dr_thewar mp_dr_trapntrance mp_dr_trikx mp_dr_tron mp_dr_tropical mp_dr_turnabout mp_dr_un_named mp_dr_underground mp_dr_underwater mp_dr_universe mp_dr_unreal mp_dr_vector mp_dr_vistic_castle mp_dr_volpe mp_dr_volpe2 mp_dr_watercity mp_dr_windwaker mp_dr_winter_wipeout mp_dr_wipeout mp_dr_worldofmetal mp_dr_wtf mp_dr_xm mp_dr_xm2 mp_dr_xm3 mp_dr_xplosive mp_dr_zvr_dimensions mp_fnrp_iceland_v2 mp_fnrp_piratas mp_vc_garage mp_vc_tunnels
  10. Which mod are you using? Most servers run their scripts server-side nowadays so you won't be able to use those to devmap. I'd suggest getting the stock 1.2 deathrun mod from ModDB or looking for something like Stefan's mod (don't have a link and forgot what it's actually called, sorry).
  11. Well, everyone did think BraXi was a girl for a very long time. Still plenty of people who do, probably. Rumor started on the old BraXi forums.
  12. Used to go by Slaya (or JR-Imagine on the forums). But by the time I resigned I had changed my name on the forums already, I'm pretty sure. BraXi's a guy. He was a Community Manager at Raid (granted, one that didn't really do anything). Hasn't run any servers since 1.1, to my knowledge. Lossy was the person working on Raid's mod. ^
  13. Welcome back! Always nice to see people from the old days (even if I don't exactly remember most people). It's okay, we're all socially awkward basement dwellers here. You'll feel right at home. Why do I feel like you're talking about me? Lol. DM me on Discord (@atrX), I can send you a clean copy to use with your CD key, if you want.
  14. Sorry for taking this long to get the results out, I've been incredibly busy lately. ^.^ Anyway, here are the results (category scores are averages based on user votes, total is all categories added up). 4th Place: mp_dr_building_escape by @ImJustBad Theme: 1.7/5 Level of detail: 1.3/5 Uniqueness and variation of traps: 2/5 Map flow: 3.7/5 Optimisation: 0/2.5 (No caulk) No script errors: 0/2.5 (One of the traps throws an "undefined is not an entity" error + entering an endroom on free run throws an error) Total: 8.7/25 3rd Place: mp_dr_metal_factory by @Cloudy Theme: 3/5 Level of detail: 3.5/5 Uniqueness and variation of traps: 4/5 Map flow: 4/5 Optimisation: 0/2.5 (No caulk) No script errors: 0/2.5 (Entering an endroom on free run throws an error) Total: 14.5/25 2nd Place: mp_dr_petrichor by @jwofles Theme: 4.5/5 Level of detail: 4.5/5 Uniqueness and variation of traps: 3.5/5 Map flow: 2/5 Optimisation: 2.5/2.5 (Congratulations on being the only person in the contest to know what caulking is) No script errors: 0/2.5 (Entering an endroom on free run throws an error) Total: 17/25 1st Place: mp_dr_industrial by @TheHumble_J Theme: 4/5 Level of detail: 5/5 Uniqueness and variation of traps: 4.7/5 Map flow: 3.7/5 Optimisation: 0/2.5 (No caulk) No script errors: 0/2.5 (Entering an endroom on free run throws an error) Total: 17.4/25 Congratulations on the win @TheHumble_J! I'll DM you about your prize. And thank you everyone else who entered.
  15. Submit your votes for you favourite map(s) from the contest. Entries: You can vote by leaving a comment with scores out of 5 and a short explanation for the following criteria: Theme Level of detail Uniqueness and variation of traps Map flow You're allowed to submit scores for as many maps as you'd like (just not your own). Final scores are calculated as averages based on community feedback (+ the bonus points I said you could earn from optimisation and submitting a script error free map). Template for ratings:
  16. Version 1.1.1 of CoD4: Unleashed has been released: Changelog: Added: Full support for HTTP 1.1 JSON support (GSC module, see unleashed\json in bin) isArray function getEpochTime and epochTimeToString setSpectatedClient Changed: Project renamed to CoD4: Unleashed Updated compile info Deprecated httpPostRequest The script reference has been updated to reflect these changes. Edit: Hotfix released addressing an issue with the JSON module not parsing boolean values properly.
  17. Once you learn to read, perhaps.
  18. Hi. Please make a ticket under the "Ban Appeals" department here:
  19. Some people kept nagging me to make this... So here it is. Right now there's only one video, and it covers the most basic start door and traps. I plan on uploading a new tutorial every week though, so the library should expand fairly quickly.
  20. Your map is missing an endmap trigger. I swear a bunch of people pointed this out during testing. It's also pretty dark. I'm having to turn on fullbright if I want to see properly.
  21. Get this when trying to download:
  22. Hi there! I need a total of 20 rank icons for the next update. Keep in mind, these will be replacing all of the icons we have right now (every 5 levels you'll get a new icon), so if there's one in the mod you really like, you can suggest that too. This is to save on image assets so we can add more customisation options (and possibly get certain maps working again). Rank icons should be square and at least 128x128. If they do not cover the entire surface of the image, they should have a transparent background. Edit: I've attached all the rank icons from the current mod that weren't from stock 1.2. They're in TGA format, so some software might have problems opening them.