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    CoD4 Deathrun
    CoD4 Deathrun
    Players: 0 / 48
    Current Map: mp_dr_jurapark
    CoD4 Surf
    CoD4 Surf
    Players: 0 / 32
    Current Map: mp_surf_neonrider
    CoD4 Combined Operations
    CoD4 Combined Operati…
    Players: 12 / 32
    Current Map: mp_osg_hijacked
    CoD4 Star Wars: Galactic Warfare
    CoD4 Star Wars: Galac…
    Players: 18 / 32
    Current Map: mp_bestine
    CoD4 Fun (High Jump)
    CoD4 Fun (High Jump)
    Players: 0 / 32
    Current Map: mp_crash_snow
    CS:GO AWP Only
    CS:GO AWP Only
    Players: 5 / 24
    Current Map: awp_lego_2017
    CS:GO Multi-1v1
    CS:GO Multi-1v1
    Players: 15 / 22
    Current Map: am_breakout
    CS:GO Retakes #1
    CS:GO Retakes #1
    Players: 10 / 14
    Current Map: de_inferno
    CS:GO Retakes #2
    CS:GO Retakes #2
    Players: 9 / 14
    Current Map: de_mirage
    CS:GO Surf
    CS:GO Surf
    Players: 3 / 64
    Current Map: surf_utopia_v3
    CS:GO Competitive 5v5
    CS:GO Competitive 5v5
    Players: 7 / 12
    Current Map: de_mirage
    CS:GO Executes
    CS:GO Executes
    Players: 0 / 12
    Current Map: de_inferno
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    # Nickname Score Time Played
    bot12 68 kills
    bot7 66 kills
    bot10 60 kills
    bot9 40 kills
    bot1 38 kills
    bot8 36 kills
    bot5 34 kills
    bot6 26 kills
    bot11 24 kills
    bot2 20 kills
    bot3 20 kills
    zablocki.patryk 0 kills
    # Nickname Score Time Played
    bot7 242 kills
    bot16 206 kills
    bot6 186 kills
    bot0 174 kills
    bot9 170 kills
    bot10 166 kills
    bot5 164 kills
    bot1 148 kills
    bot2 140 kills
    bot13 138 kills
    bot11 132 kills
    bot14 122 kills
    bot3 112 kills
    bot12 110 kills
    bot15 110 kills
    bot17 110 kills
    bot8 86 kills
    bot4 70 kills
    No Players
    # Nickname Score Time Played
    Mackers 32 kills 8 minutes and 16 seconds
    Beerus 30 kills 19 minutes and 15 seconds
    ♛ l LuZiFerX l ♛ 20 kills 9 minutes and 17 seconds
    Cosmos 14 kills 21 minutes and 8 seconds
    Shlap 10 kills 18 minutes and 31 seconds
    # Nickname Score Time Played
    Fouiny babe 18 kills 35 minutes and 20 seconds
    Archeb 15 kills 18 minutes and 42 seconds
    Monkmeister 15 kills 9 minutes
    Kirua 12 kills 19 minutes and 59 seconds
    Termotissimo 12 kills 21 minutes and 23 seconds
    Ramallancias_ 11 kills 38 minutes and 23 seconds
    DanaKil 8 kills 26 minutes and 41 seconds
    CoinCoin 6 kills 4 minutes and 29 seconds
    s/o ton slipe 6 kills 4 minutes and 29 seconds
    PiouPiou 2 kills 16 minutes and 4 seconds
    adc 2 kills 27 minutes and 15 seconds
    eggeh 2 kills 12 minutes and 35 seconds
    0 kills Less than a minute
    Nano_ESP 0 kills Less than a minute
    STEP MOTHER 0 kills 51 minutes and 19 seconds
    # Nickname Score Time Played
    MafiaSZN 104 kills 24 minutes and 20 seconds
    Maître Kebabier Chef 90 kills 19 minutes and 46 seconds
    Turia {OCB} 63 kills 1 hour, 9 minutes and 25 seconds
    ludw1g 58 kills 14 minutes and 57 seconds
    Cazorlinha 43 kills 11 minutes and 46 seconds
    HAPPY END 39 kills 36 minutes and 41 seconds
    👑ScrabbTahBogota👑 28 kills 20 minutes and 1 second
    KOBE bryant 25 kills 19 minutes and 4 seconds
    HeadZ 12 kills 14 minutes and 52 seconds
    YES 2 kills 3 minutes and 13 seconds
    # Nickname Score Time Played
    CSGOD 77 kills 21 minutes and 28 seconds
    M1K1CAAA 48 kills 18 minutes
    haden 48 kills 16 minutes and 16 seconds
    40 kills 48 minutes and 30 seconds
    Kkk 36 kills 12 minutes and 40 seconds
    NO TIME 31 kills 10 minutes and 20 seconds
    Shanks 16 kills 20 minutes and 52 seconds
    SmoothOperator 16 kills 5 minutes and 32 seconds
    choseN 15 kills 5 minutes and 8 seconds
    # Nickname Score Time Played
    dadisteinn 0 kills 4 minutes and 5 seconds
    my team is cloud 9 0 kills 17 minutes and 52 seconds
    # Nickname Score Time Played
    Trap? IDK rilly 18 kills 10 minutes and 26 seconds
    ︻デ一一 TeoRethick. 10 kills 9 minutes and 9 seconds
    bagnole 4 kills 3 minutes and 42 seconds
    Luxas 2 kills 1 minute and 42 seconds
    Razmo_Lopez 2 kills 5 minutes and 51 seconds
    XxGomzxX 2 kills 1 minute and 14 seconds
    Zk 1 kill 2 minutes and 4 seconds
    No Players

    Monthly Top Donators & Quick Deathrun Mod Progress Update

    By atrX,

    Hi there!

    @iiManix coined another good idea. :P From now on, at the end of each month, we will grant the top donator for that month a special forum group called VIP. This group is basically a carbon copy of the regular Donator group so don't worry, we're not giving special priviliges to people with money. It's just a simple thank you to our biggest supporters. ^ Obviously, if you've already got the VIP group you're excluded from the selection for that month so someone else can also get the group.

    I've already granted two people the group for previous months (one of which is no longer in the system, sorry about that) and any donations that happened this month will count for the next selection at the end of May.

    Aside from this small forum update I've also got a quick status update for the Deathrun update. I've not been able to work on it too much due to working for college aswell as playing on the servers myself (sorry guys xD). But I've been working on fixing the killcam bug (not tested yet but should in theory be fixed) alongside some other minor things. I'll also be reverting the weapon skins to the old Raid ones aswell as adding a bunch of new trails in the update (which will be the main not-so-big big thing) provided by @xoxor4d0xzz and @Mist.

    Regards, atrX.

    Deathrun Challenge (Free VIP giveaway)

    By atrX,

    Hi there!

    As a bit of an incentive for you all to keep playing and as a thank you for the support you've shown thus far, we've decided to give the first person to legitimately reach level 80 3 months of free VIP. Due to our implementation of the ranking system there is a slight limitation, however:

    • You must be on a legtimitate CD key (Since ranks are assiociated with your GUID, cracked keys share ranks with other clients, therefore making leveling faster.)

    Once you have reached level 80, please DM me on the forums with a screenshot of your level and your B3 CID (you can find out what your B3 CID is by typing !regtest in the chat, it's the number after the @ symbol, please note that you must first !register to use this command).

    Thank you @iiManix for coining the idea.

    Regards, atrX.


    Before anyone asks, yes, we'll be updating the mod regularly. I'm currently working on fixing some issues and looking into implementing some new features already. :)

    Raid Gaming? Revolutionary Mods? Hi there!

    By atrX,

    Hi there!

    As you might have noticed by the title of the forums and the server renames... Raid Gaming is officially back! @MiKeY recently got in touch with my regarding the possibility of bringing back Raid, we talked about it for a while and well... Here we are. :) Revolutionary Mods has hereby officially merged into Raid and all the servers have carried over.

    In this process I have become the main owner of Raid and Mikey has decided to take a step back and become a co-owner with less responsibilities (probably because he can't finish a mod).

    Some things have changed though. We opted to keep old topics etc to the archive and only import members to our new forum. Raid had a lot of drama going on and we kinda want to leave all of that behind. All the old stuff is still available at Please login or register to see this link.  however.

    Other servers Raid used to have like Promod and Fun/High Jump are coming back aswell, we're just in the progress of getting the mods ready (absolutely no ETAs).

    Old admins can DM me or @MiKeY to be put on trial for the role of Server Admin again after an internal voting (and thereby skip the application process). We decided against instantly granting everyone their admin status due to some concerns regarding specific (not to be mentioned) old staff members. We do have an internal voting before granting old admins Trial status so it is in no way a guarantee you'll be put back on Trial in the first place (this due to the aforementioned concerns).

    Regards, @atrX and @MiKeY. Your new Raid overlords.


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    • Hi, Last time we declined your application due to your behaviour on the servers, you waited exactly 1 month (the minimum wait period) to apply again. Unfortunately, we deemed this a little too short to properly evaluate a change in behaviour given the relatively small sample size in terms of chatlogs over the past month. I'd advise you to keep playing and keep up the good behaviour and re-apply again when you feel you can prove to us that you are a well-behaved member of the community. I took a quick look at your chatlogs and I did notice a reduction in toxic behaviour, so keep improving and who knows, you might wear that green colour one day.   Regards, atrX.
    • Congratulations on becoming a CS:GO trial admin! Make sure to the read the appropriate topics in the admin section. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask a Lead Admin or above.
    • Congratulations on becoming a CS:GO trial admin! Make sure to the read the appropriate topics in the admin section. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask a Lead Admin or above.
    • Real name: George
      Age: 17 (18 in in a couple of weeks)
      Previous experience: n/a
      Why I would make a good addition to the team: i am very active on the raid csgo retakes server and would like to help by making the server as fun as possible by not allowing toxic players on the server and cheating players aswell. allthough i dont have server admin experience i hope i can gain this from raid.
      Rate your English skills on a scale of 1-5 (with 1 being bad and 5 being fluent): 5
      Do you speak any other languages besides English?: no
      How often do you visit our forums?: often
      In-game name: gexxrge
      Steam: Please login or register to see this link.
      Discord tag (name#1234): gexxrge#8182
      Knowledge of SourceMod (on a scale of 1-5): 3
      Primary server: raid retakes server 1 and 5v5 server 1
      How often do you play on our servers?: everyday
      Anything else you want to add?: no
    • Real name: Uldis Grintals
      Previous experience:I have have been admin un different servers such as retakes awp only surf bhop etc.
      Why I would make a good addition to the team:i think that i would make a good addition to the team because i have had previous experience on being an admin and i know how to handle heated situations,
      Rate your English skills on a scale of 1-5 (with 1 being bad and 5 being fluent):5
      Do you speak any other languages besides English?:Latvian
      How often do you visit our forums?:4 times a week
      In-game name:Au1x
      Steam:Please login or register to see this link.
      Discord tag (name#1234):uldis9408
      Knowledge of SourceMod (on a scale of 1-5):4
      Primary server:retakes
      How often do you play on our servers?:everyday 
      Anything else you want to add?:
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