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  1. Very strange, both me, Anti and Fedzor were not getting XP from that map.
  2. Ah it may be dr wipeout, it's the really old one, not the one with the slide.
  3. Congratulations @Fedzor and @wav33!
  4. Prom mod .
  5. Glad to see these features implemented and the mod being developed even more. Great dedication @atrX and it's beginning to pay off (literally and figuratively) .
  6. Wow. Hopefully these new maps and ports will increase player volume on the Surf server.
  7. I will update this post as I find more maps that don't reward the activator with XP upon activating, but so far: mp_deathrun_wipeout mp_deathrun_crystal_v2 mp_dr_jurapark (First trap & Triceratops trap) mp_dr_disco mp_deathrun_framey_v2 (Twister trap) mp_dr_lithium (First trap only) / No end trigger
  8. That would be a good idea, although a specialised ending would also be cool.
  9. I would imagine it would be shown after the killcam, kinda like a boast for winning the round. Would increase competition for sure.
  10. Would be great if you did, would get done so much faster and would be such a popular feature.
  11. Absolute sweat
  12. I understand that this was to fix the potentially cataclysmic exploit I won't name, but why did that mean reverting to 1.6? Surely they could have updated 1.7 to fix it? Edit: only now seen that you named the exploit in the post .
  13. 10/10 shitpost ngl. Pls just add a spoiler for images, less space.
  14. You're quite the mapper/porter. Maybe you could help with those animations from black ops 3 for Slaya .
  15. Can vouch, made a very good Lead Admin in 4x3 whilst it was popular and did his job to a high standard. Would make a good admin.