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  1. Find all the digits >:D
  2. Everyone is missing the point. People don't particularly care what maps are in the rotation and @Cloudy is right in fairness, mod features aren't what people look for or ever really looked for. Servers like eBc were popular because of their scrolling skins, sure, but a long lasting community like the old Raid was popular because it felt like it's own game and was fun to play for hours on end, and not because death run has become less interesting, there's just no magic like raid once had. Here is an example to illustrate my point: https://archive.raid-gaming.net/topic/983-double-xpquad-xp-for-halloween/ A simple double XP post got people excited, and made them want to play more. There's just none of that magic in Raid or any other server any more. Maybe @atrX and @MiKeY can bring back this feeling to death run, no one else seems to be able to so they seem to be the last hope as far as competent owners are concerned.
  3. In all seriousness, emotes would be a surefire way of getting people in the server quickly and sustainably.
  4. When I try to see my reputation activity only my status update is available in this oddly coloured and formatted drop down menu, as a result I can't view my reputation activity I'm almost certain the icons that cover up my avatar are meant to be placed elsewhere. Not that many people/anyone is going to use the script docs docs on mobile but... yeah.
  5. Symmetry is key
  6. The logo and name are off centred relative to one another
  7. @Mist
  8. Also, emotes. @atrX @MiKeY
  9. Well whatever people have in mind, input is most definitely needed. My own opinion is to get a youtuber like Rxqe in the server, and just generally get some people in the server regularly. There are admins at Raid I just don't see in the servers very often. I can't say I've ever seen Grezwal in the server.
  10. I suppose if we tried we could get a good 10 - 15 people in. Rxqe on YouTube still plays deathrun regularly and he always says he's looking for servers to play on, maybe that's worth a shot.
  11. I understand that @atrX has no intentions of stopping Raid ever let alone any time soon, so what's the plan? I mean really, Raid has the professional features that are to be expected from a popular community, the only thing missing is well... a community. What I'm trying to surmise is a method of getting people in the server, but how? There are still people who play Death Run, I just personally don't know how Raid plans to get them in the server. Can anyone think of any ideas? I'm sure @atrX and @MiKeY would greatly admire your input.
  12. To be completely honest killcam was once a cool feature of a deathrun server, I can see where you're coming from. But removing what has become a key factor in what most consider a good deathrun server wouldn't be good for popularity; despite the fact I agree with you.
  13. Very strange, both me, Anti and Fedzor were not getting XP from that map.