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  1. I understand that @atrX has no intentions of stopping Raid ever let alone any time soon, so what's the plan? I mean really, Raid has the professional features that are to be expected from a popular community, the only thing missing is well... a community. What I'm trying to surmise is a method of getting people in the server, but how? There are still people who play Death Run, I just personally don't know how Raid plans to get them in the server. Can anyone think of any ideas? I'm sure @atrX and @MiKeY would greatly admire your input.
  2. Find all the digits >:D
  3. Good luck Zeron
  4. Isn't fun the default one? Huh?
  5. They did!
  6. YIKES - do you agree @Mist? But hiiiii
  7. Been wanting to this for a while. Whenever me (or anyone else) tells @atrX about a problem, he recommends we make a topic. To make life easier for him, I'll put all the things in the server/mod that need fixing/changing. If anyone else has any issues put them here for him too, at least everything will be in one place for him. Mod: HUD says free run instead of practice run (trivial). Slight clipping of WASD screen to spectator instructions (trivial). Chance for 2 Activators to be picked when the previous Activator leaves. Noticed that sometimes, it takes quite a few clicks for weapons/chars/trails/sprays etc. to be selected. Maps: mp_dr_droid - custom weapons need adding, forces every player to be ratchet and clank. mp_dr_slayv2 (sorry Slaya) - forces custom viewhands. mp_dr_overgrown - forces custom viewhands. mp_deathrun_sonic - every player is sonic, takes away from the VIP feature (imo). mp_deathrun_mine - forces every character to be Steve. Especially annoying, his head is huge and causes some vision issues in the lava maze. mp_dr_imaginary - questionable music activation method. mp_dr_laboratory - can shoot a board that will redirect you to a dead server. mp_deathrun_easy - " Maps with questionable end triggers: mp_deathrun_epicfail - Ghosts can enter endrooms. mp_dr_gooby - " mp_dr_wtf - " Most of these are completely trivial nit-picks, but It's important to me, @atrX and the entire community that the server is, well, perfect. Any more issues from other players, put them in here. @atrX feel free to edit the post to confirm your changes in the future. Thanks everyone
  8. Hola
  9. mp_deathrun_fluxx
  10. Been fucking around long enough on this, so might as well. Real name: Morgan Age: 19 Previous experience: Owned multiple communities, in the past, was a respected admin on pXg for over a year. Got up to Senior Admin and had 100 power in-game for multiple months there. I would go on here but those with deciding votes (@atrX and @Anti) know of my previous experiences as an admin as much as anyone. Why I would make a good addition to the team: Sensible, but not too serious. My mood doesn't change for some reason, I can have a joke you fucking stink slaya, whilst also maintaining the standards of a good admin. I won't bore you with all the stuff about because I am a good admin because I like Raid blah blah all of that is implied, all I can say is that I will do my part as an admin of raid to grow, and protect the server from nibbas who try breaking the rules. How often do you visit our forums?: Daily, although no fucker ever posts except for Slaya myself (sometimes). In-game name: iiManix B3 CID (type !regtest in game): 1391 Steam: iiManix Knowledge of B3 (on a scale of 1-5): 5/5 Primary server: Daid Redrun How often do you play on our servers?: On a daily basis for at least a few hours. Edit: Raid isn't especially populated right now, at least not 24/7, so I understand that the need for pure administration isn't needed at the moment, but I've been trying my best to get players in Raid, I really do want it to be the server to revive death run, and as admin I feel I can do this better.
  11. Especially the chicken and b42 explosion, iconic of old Raid
  12. Really liked the old raid level 80 icon, was so iconic.
  13. Only proves the song needs to be added
  14. Scroll up.
  15. Well thanks for giving me a brain haemorrhage. I can now smell colours.
  16. DENIED Gl Swegy.
  17. 🤷‍♂️
  18. I will update this post as I find more maps that don't reward the activator with XP upon activating, but so far: mp_deathrun_wipeout mp_deathrun_crystal_v2 mp_dr_jurapark (First trap & Triceratops trap) mp_dr_disco mp_deathrun_framey_v2 (Twister trap) mp_dr_lithium (First trap only) / No end trigger
  19. 10 seconds with 2 second fade in/out is always perfect, song doesn't cut off at the end (to remain consistent). Cheat Codes, Little Mix - Only You.mp3 Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix).mp3 also soz I didn't follow format
  20. Edgy