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  1. Real name: my real name is Brent De Pauw Age: i'm 17 years old Previous experience: I've only been staff member in a minecraft server, but i know a lot about discord. Why I would make a good addition to the team: I'm a calm young men, i'm playing a lot of surf lately and i have already mentioned some bugs in some maps. i also know that there is no admin online on surf that much. How often do you visit our forums?: Not so much, i have visited once to read some of the applications before to get some inspiration if i should applicate for admin. but i can visit it multiple times a week. In-game name: BrentdpwSteam: (mostly playing on this one) and (pervious main acc)Discord tag (name#1234): Brentdpw#0639 Primary server: surf How often do you play on our servers?: at least a couple off times a week. It will increase if i get accepted. but when my school starts again i would only be online on wednesday and the full weekend. Thanks for every response i will get. Even if i don't get accepted, Please keep up the good work!