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Real name: Ryan De Hoogt (RDH)

Age: 17 (07/12/2003)

Previous experience: Hello, I've been admin on Peaked-cs (shutted down like 3 months ago) and ive been a admin on a couple FiveM servers (Modification for Gta5, Roleplay servers), im especially good in detecting cheaters, i'll explain why i am below.

Why I would make a good addition to the team: Hello again, the reason i think / am a good addition to the team is that i am really good at detecting cheaters as i mentioned earlier, the reason why i am that good is because i've cheated like 4 years ago for almost 1.5 years, i've got my punishment for it (Well Deserved ofc!) and once i started playing legit it was way more fun, and i know i was a scumbag for cheating even tho i was only like 12, but i've learned a LOT about cheating in those year(s), even tho i haven't touched a cheating menu in 4 years, i still know everything about it, if u don't believe me, add me on discord;). Anyways, i am also very active on you're servers, mostly on the 5v5 server. That's why i think i am a good addition to the team.

Rate your English skills on a scale of 1-5 (with 1 being bad and 5 being fluent): 4/5, my english is pretty good, i can understand and speak english well, my accent is also on point.

Do you speak any other languages besides English?: I am and i speak Dutch (Holland/Netherlands), A little bit of Deutch (Germany), ofc English and im currently learning Spanish on my study.

In-game name: RDH

Steam: Please login or register to see this link.

Discord tag (name#1234): RDHbotfront#7739

How active are you in Discord?: i have Discord always open on my 2nd monitor since i muted all not important servers (ofc when i am admin ill not mute the RaidGaming Server).

Knowledge of SourceMod (on a scale of 1-5): Well, i've used it on Peaked-cs, i know the commands and how to open the admin menu, not more actually.

Primary server: My primary server is RaidGaming, but if the server is full i play Uroboros Gaming till there is a spot free on Raid, (or i play some aimtraining). (but since i have vip now, a full server shouldnt be the problem anymore xD) jk, but 90% of the time i play raid.

How often do you play on our servers?: well, a lot, i dont play mm, actually only some deathmatch, aimtraining or Raidgaming. I have 32 hours on csgo the last 2 weeks and probably 25 hours of it is raidgaming. I currently have 43 hours on the server in a short periode. (ofcourse this is gonna get more xd). Even tho im not a member for a really long time, i'm still really active compared to some others on the server.

Anything else you want to add?: Well, not a lot, nvm i wonna say sum, i would like to say that it would be really cool to be a part of the Raid Team and to catch all cheaters on RaidGaming since it is really annoying when im online and i know someone is cheating, and i report him, but no admin comes online. I want to change that! I'm gonna be online as much as i can, ofc im gonna play for fun aswell but when i think someone is cheating or someone is reported, im going after it asap. Anyways, i wonna catch as many cheaters as possible since i have something to make up for since i've cheated in the past, but i won't dissapoint yall! 



Greatings, Ryan De Hoogt, RDH.


(and ty ArtX for helping me so fast to give me VIP, and goodluck in the gym xD)


Sorry for this freaking long application but i wanted to introduce myself and explain everything as good as possible.

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somehow i cant delete this message but check discord for what happend xD

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Good evening Ryan,

We have come to the decision to decline your application due to you being a cheater and checking your chatlogs spamming "hack links" wether it's fake or not,
we do not condone that behavior.

Kind regards,
The Raid Gaming team.

Please login or register to see this attachment.

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