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    As with any community, Raid Gaming has some rules & guidelines to follow when participating in discussions on our forums. Any and all illegal activity is strictly prohibited Be respectful towards other members and staff Do not partake in any form of spam Threats towards any individual will be taken seriously and severly punished Stay on-topic Act like a mature adult (even if you aren't one) Any content not suited for ages 13-17 (pornographic content etc.) is not allowed Do not advertise or solicit (exceptions can be made if permission is given, please contact a Manager or Owner) In general: Just don't be annoying No arguing with admins (listen and learn or leave) Failure to comply can and will result in action taken in the form of: warnings, temporary/permanent bans
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    Good evening Ryan, We have come to the decision to decline your application due to you being a cheater and checking your chatlogs spamming "hack links" wether it's fake or not, we do not condone that behavior. Kind regards, The Raid Gaming team.
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    Why is this in Dutch...?
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    Good evening, We have come to the decision to decline your application. If you wish to apply again in the future then you may do so after 30 days. Kind regards, Marvis