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  1. I'd personally love to see a raid MW3 server. MW3 was my favorite game of all time. I'll look forward to destroying you noobs on MW3.
  2. I thought BraXi was a girl too. I think I was an admin back in 2013 too. Do you remember me?
  3. I would personally love to see a high score table for deathrun related scores. While this is only a suggestion I would love to see it in the game as well as on the raid website. The high score table would encourage players to play more often, activate more often, and play competitively to earn a higher rank on the high scores. It would also make it easier to host challenges for players to earn VIP for a month or so. (much like was done for the first person to level 80) The challenges could be hosted monthly and be determined by the different scores earned as an activator, jumper, or overall player Please provide feedback on my suggestion. I'm not totally sure how possible it is but I think it might be since you earn exp as you complete a map in some mods and as an activator, you earn exp as players die sometimes. For Activators: Scores such as traps activated x players killed by trap ratio traps activated overall, Activator kills, time spent as the activator, and players killed by hand. I feel this high score table could encourage more players to activate. For jumpers: The score could be determined by the number of times a player completes a map. (could be logged by how many times the trigger the thing that gives them the map time.) You could also introduce a ratio about map completion x rounds played As well as a score for rounds played. Overall player: The best way to implement an overall score would be by kills, score earned in game, and traps activated.
  4. I like the idea. I vote for a Runescape Hub. (yes ill post in hub request)
  5. I remember him.
  6. Nice, also using dock