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  1. Real name: Casey Chandler. Age: 15 years old, almost 16. Previous experience: i used to be a mod on a server a few years back, I used to play the old server a lot then i never got round to playing the new one. Why I would make a good addition to the team: i would make a good addition to the team because im always cheery and always talking to other players and trying to help. How often do you visit our forums?: not that often, but i will start to do it more. In-game name: Caseychandler04 B3 CID (type !regtest in game): 1946 Steam: ljchandler. Knowledge of B3 (on a scale of 1-5): 2/5. Primary server: Deathrun. How often do you play on our servers?: i am new to the server but i will play it most of the time.