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  1. Totally wild bro
  2. staff

    Hola Unfortunately you don't meet the necessary requirements in order to apply You may apply once more in February and when you have twenty hours or more on our servers.
  3. Hello, We appreciate you application, but unfortunately you do not have the hours required to apply In addition, a shift in attitude towards a more positive one will go a long way during your next application You may apply once more in thirty days
  4. Hello, While we appreciate your application, you unfortunately do not have enough hours required in order to apply You may apply once more in thirty days and when you reach fifty hours on our server
  5. Hello, While we appreciate your application, it has been unfortunately denied. A bit more time on the servers and additional inspection regarding if someone is hacking or not would be ideal for your next application. You may apply once more starting November.
  6. Welcome back nubzor Has been quite a while, but I do remember you Can't believe it's been seven years since I've called you a nub for forgetting palm's first trap pattern Hopefully everything has been well for you since then and look forward to you being a part of the community again
  7. So after spending two hours searching through the Raid forums archive, I'm either delusional or it was somewhere else I saw it Basically it was a giant golden circle in which different portions would alter as the traps. An example being the left side had three by three rectangles out of the circle rise and kill the jumpers.
  8. Of course You have until February 17th to submit a map Hopefully it'll be the version of highrise you've worked on in the past.
  9. Your application is now available to be voted on. Good luck nub
  10. Hola and welcome to the forums nub Hope you enjoy your stay
  11. @lenny Crash nitro kart may have been a good 40% of my childhood Anyways, here is mine of some oni girl who I think is from LoL(?)
  12. When I was first asked about it, assumed it was deathrun orientated Unfortunately since it's promod and I use a trackpad, I'd be a wasted slot Good luck to anyone else if they get involved
  13. Congrats Fedzor, only five more times to go once prestige is added
  14. Congratulations to the both of you nubs