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  1. tl;dr - Title. Hey long time no see bois and girls. With the release of the new csgo battle royale mode there's just one thing I instantly thought of when I hopped in the game.... SLENDER MAN. 6 years ago AoD Rycoon (you'll see him in some map credits and the deathrun mod credits... he also ran a server called AoD) put together one of my favorite mods to hit CoD4. Basically there were two teams and you were either slenderman or NOT slenderman. The people who weren't slenderman would be running around looking for notes that would give them access to an "armory" to fight back. If this sounds like a mod you'd love to play welcome to the club. Unfortunately a little bit after the release of the beta, Rycoon decided to shut down his servers and to not release the mod files. So it stayed private and essentially died For further reference, here's a video of Jericho playing it (i recorded a video too but its gonna stay private lol) -
  2. So it's almost the end of the year now I was just wondering if anybody gave this a try?
  3. we all old af now lmao welcome back bro
  4. wtf ur alive?
  5. doooooo it! I need to see this mod live again lmao
  6. anybody touch this idea yet?
  7. im sure you can figure it out Glad you're interested in taking the project on. If you have any questions on how the mod worked let me know. I didn't work on it myself but I helped with most of the conceptual shit...