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  1. Original post was made back in May 2018 on 3xP's own forums ( Feel free to read it right here), but I thought lately. Why I had not posted that in here? We'll one guy wrote to me earlier today and asked how to run this mod for deathrun (Since originally it was made for stock spawnpoint maps and CodJumper) So how do you do it? We'll its not gonna be hard, infact all you need is these files right here Download the RAR file Drop the folders from the RAR file to your cod4directory/mods/[yourmodname]/ Thats it! Literally Now ingame: Select Mods Launch your the mod which contains the files from earlier steps Wait for few moments for it to load it Open up console (If its disabled, Options, Game Options and Enable Console. Didnt understand? Click this link right here! ) with Tilde key (Above Tab) (Just to be sure) write /g_gametype cj Now type the map you wish to run (Example: mp_deathrun_abandoned) Wait the map to load And your done You can do the binds yourself, I'm not gonna teach that because it's really up to anyone which bind he/she wants to use on specific keys Ahh yes, one more step When you run it first time. DO MAKE NEW PROFILE ONLY FOR CINEMATIC MOD USAGE I dont want to be responsible of ruining your game experience if you dont make new profile and next moment notice when playing on different servers that your binds and other things are gone etc. I hope this long topic has helped you and would like to see what amazing edits you're making with it Best regards, Red Mist / CAR Druglord
  2. Revisiting an old thread, updated setup
  3. Please provide following details: Steam profile link Server you were banned on Reason for ban Best Regards, Red Mist
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  5. Lets revisit this old topic (Slideshow images, changes background every 1 minute)
  6. Should read this before applyin
  7. Real name: Kardo Talvik Age: 19 Previous experience: Not a lot. played cs for over 3 years. But, Its first time for everything isnt it Why I would make a good addition to the team: Well known person within Raid community, friendly person (Strict when needed to be). Due to my work schedule, I'd probably be one of the most active admins in the community as I got a lot of free time for games in general. How often do you visit our forums?: A couple times per week In-game name: Red MistSteam: Primary server: Retake How often do you play on our servers?: On a weekly basis
  8. For the glory of OUR nation
  9. 1.41-1.53 A SONG EVERYONE MODERN PERSON KNOWS 1.47 - 1.57 0.57 - 1.11 1 - 1.08 0.49 - 0.58 0 - 0.14 (Whole song itself is basically loop of 14 sec beat) 0.16 - 0.31
  10. Map name - mp_dr_420 Creator - Lifezor Difficulty - Easy af mp_dr_420.rar