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  1. Change Log: mp_dr_surfacing - Tried to fix lighting bug in the 1. Activator room (didnt workd for me ) - Changed Sky for Visual improve - Fixed that you can see the Switch room in the distance. - Removed the buggy mini skip bounce
  2. Thanks man. So first In the actis room is a fullclip dont know if this blocks the view. Second I got music on the map, dont know if it is buggy. Cause on my 2nd Client where I just got the rar as usermap its working. And I didnt wanted a music menu for this map. I got one standart song and one for every room. And the Bounce skip is wanted as "less traps" cause in my opinion its pretty hard Again thanks for you feedback Also thank you for feedback. I did test the map on 190 and tought the jumps where okay. I knew that the claymore endroom doesnt work on normal dr mod I said that to atrx already in discord. And in the Snipe room you can go around the water but I wanted it so you dont just rush and noscope your enemy cause noscoping in cod4 is pretty easy. And thanks for noticing the switch room I am realy proud of this idea.
  3. Hey Guys, so I started to learn mapping like 1 week ago. And already finished my first map. I know its not pretty but I guess for my first map its cool Name: mp_dr_surfacing Traps: 4 Rooms: 6 Difficulty: Without Traps Easy | With Traps Medium Length: I tested just without Traps I needed about 30 seconds. But I am not a speedrunnner Image: Download Link: http://mylevel.eu/cod4/maps/mp_dr_surfacing.rar