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  1. Hi - thanks for the kind words. I have found a replacement screen at £170 - eff knows how to fit the bugger - there is a thread on here where someone has done it - looks complicated The colours are ace - its a bloody nice car, £800 well spent. Not sure re the wheel nuts - can you tell me what I am looking for?
  2. I am a 25 years old Italian guy and I live in Cz since 3 year. The city where I live is at about 60 km from Brno. If someone lives near Brno and sometimes want drinks a coffee....I am here
  3. Hi, New here, well kind of Looking to chat with some Czech native speakers... trying to learn and cant say im doing too well... My is Czech and there is the motive to learn.... so when she shouts at me in czech I know what she is saying... ;o So hello... Steve
  4. Hello everybody. Lifes been super busy and getting a new laptop screwed up my Minecraft time. I still love the community of this server, and guess what? Im back. Im hoping to see tons of yous on the server. Lets have some fun up in this hizzle