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  1. ok I will have to be very patient, it will not stop me from having fun on your server (and wait against the cheaters)
  2. for additional info do you know how long response time should be expected?
  3. Real name: Julie Martin Age: 33 Previous experience: i already have my own server on conan exiles and everuthing goes well, i also part of the staff on a server scum also no worriesWhy I would make a good addition to the team: because or my job i am calm in nature and love to bring o comfort of play to everyone the essential is to have fun in the good mood unfortunately there will always be disruptive elements How often do you visit our forums?: Wzll, this is the first time that i have taken the step towards you because o lot of rude children or cheater on your server and affect the game experience of everyone so i would probably be there servral time a day now that i find you In-game name: AmaSteam: Primary server: arène 1vs1 How often do you play on our servers?: between 2 and 6 hours
  4. Hi my name is Ama, I love the music of the arena 1vs1 I would like to know if we can get the music please