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  1. Hey i'm Pierre-Louis aka f4lex, i'm now 18, and i'm interrested by being staff on raid gaming csgo servers. Real name : Pierre-Louis Age : 18 Why I would make a good addition to the team: I would make a good addition to the team because I'm friendly, social, I mean I'm not afraid by talking to others, I have a good experience by administrate servers, I was staff in raid gaming servers already few mounts ago, and I stopped playing cs go, but I'm back ^^, I'm french, and I noticed there is a lot of French in raid servers, so it's a +, I have a huge experience on the overwatch program on cs go, so I have a certain experience by looking at cheaters to know if they cheat or not. How often do you visit our forums : not a lot like i look sometimes to read stuffs but its like once a month. In-game name : Jigglypuff Steam account : https://steamcommunity.com/id/falexisback/ Discord tag (name#1234): f4lex#5565 Primary server: Retakes How often do you play on our servers?: really often like 1/2 hours per days
  2. Hey I'm Falex, and i'm going to show you why i want to be staff and why you should pick me and not another one in the staff team. First let me present Myself : Pierre-Louis 19 Years old, i'm french but i think i got a good level about speakin english, i got 1,3k hours playin CSGO, i playin often i your Raid CSGO server and i have a lot of fun while playin here. i saw a lil bit cheaters in matchs and i think we need to ban them quickly to not disapoint Raid community. So i'm french, i speak english well and i saw a lot of frenchs in raid server so i think that can be good, for talkin to them, if they dont speak english, I'm in a clan with one line up nearly two. and we often train strategy in your server we train aim etc. i have nothing more to tell you if u need more infos just DM me on discord : Ok Boomer.#5565 Have a good day !