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  1. Players may use Teamspeak 3 during maps/games on my Cod4 open warfare server. But it runs outside and independent of the game itself. There is a COD4 channel/room within the client's window when they log in to my Teamspeak. But I have never known Teamspeak to work well from within COD4. I remember the havoc Overwolf caused. And there is always the Z key talk in game in some mods by some servers, which beats T key text chat.
  2. It seemed to happen while I was sniping, probably in High Rise. It was happening very day or so for awhile, but I have not received this error for some time now.
  3. CoD4 Combined Opedrations
  4. Sometimes in the game I get the following message: Error dobj for model 'body_mp_arab_regular_sniper' has more than 128 bones (see console for details). What is it, and how can it be fixed?