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  1. Real name: Boris Age: 18 yo Previous experience: Never been an admin on a cs go server before but I've been playing on community servers a lot ( especially 1v1) and I think I could manage this responsability on this one Why I would make a good addition I'm very peaceful and won't do anything out of anger, I just like to help people who need it, also I'm from Belgium and I speak french and english fluently I noticed a LOT of people on the server are french How often do you visit our forums?: about twice a week probably In-game name: Ayoub Le vrai /or/ Fuse___Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/missing_files/ STEAM_0:1:67322976Discord tag (name#1234): Fuse___#7813 Primary server: CS GO multi 1v1 arena How often do you play on our servers?: at least once every day for a couple of hours