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  1. Age: 14 Previous moderation experience: none Why I would make a good Community Manager: im pretty lit at call of the duty What is your idea of an ideal CS:GO Hub? a place for people to share their newly found memes and watch netflix together Steam (please also link it on your profile): babushka69boi
  2. It was a dark misty night. John was laying in bed contemplating his existence; depression had got him down farther than the depths of hell. John pulled out his phone and started searching for remedies on depression, when suddenly he heard a knock on the door *Knock Knock*. Startled, John stood up and peaked through his long matte black curtains and saw somebody in a black coat and hat, standing at his front door. John yelled towards the mysterious figure: "You tryna catch these big ass hands fool?".
  3. My friend and I after winning the match
  4. Read what qbika said then look at my artwork. If you still don't get it, repeat.