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  1. Real name: Daniel Age: 19 Previous experience: I played csgo near 5 years, and i want to learn about commands and works there. I was admin for RLeague España in discord. Why I would make a good addition to the team: I want to help to try to make better the community, and try to solve the problems of toxic, cheating... of the other users who try to make a bad experience for the other people who want to do this. I can support easy the hispanic users who can join there. How often do you visit our forums?: I visit the forums every once in a while. In-game name: Dao Steam: Discord tag (name#1234): Dao #3603. Primary server: 5v5 competitive, 1v1 arena, retakes and surf somedays How often do you play on our servers?: I play everyday for around 1-2 hours. Im an active user. I wanna help this community.