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  1. Getting a script compile error when loadin the map on a server. Is this map for 1.8 only?
  2. Hi, I tested your map aswell and have also a few suggestions for you, -Try to also test your map at default speed (190), because some jumps in the beginning are just too hard for most players if the server is using 190 speed. -When using multiple skyboxes in a map, try not to let them intersect of leave some gaps open as this will give weird artifacts (you can see some of the other rooms from the main map ). -4 traps is a bit on the low side for a deathrun map imo -The claymore endroom doesnt work when the dr mod has insertion enabled as that weapons replaces the claymore weapon file. -This is more a personal matter, but try not to kill players in endrooms (for example in the sniper room with the water) as this can be a bit frustrating. Instead try to teleport them backt to their spawn like in the bounce room. All and all not bad for a first map, as you have some original ideas like the switch room. I hope to see some more maps for you! -Speedex