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  1. Real name: Alexander Age: 18 Previous experience: NoneWhy I would make a good addition to the team: As an active player myself, I'll be able to support and offer help to players. I have a good amount of experience on your cs:go retake servers and I, therefore, feel like I can be of service not only as an administrator but as a community member as well.Rate your English skills on a scale of 1-5 (with 1 being bad and 5 being fluent): 5Do you speak any other languages besides English?: Swedish and a minuscule of Spanish.How often do you visit our forums?: Not that often for the time being. In-game name: ThrOwWSteam: tag (name#1234): Nollhundkoll62#5737Knowledge of SourceMod (on a scale of 1-5): 1 Primary server: Retakes #1 / Retakes #2 How often do you play on our servers?: Around 5-10 hours a weekAnything else you want to add?: No