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Found 1 result

  1. Nickname(s) In-game:AlexeyReal name (optional):Alexey MalyarevskyAge (Only above 14 year old):14Location (Country):Russian (Moscow)Games that you play on:cood4, brawlhalla,minecraft.Steam:^1wolverineDiscord:wolverine2004#4748Skype:noHow many hours do you play on our server in average?:10hrsHow many hours will you play on our server week?:100 days a weekDo you have clan? (If yes so not join here or left your clan then u can join here):no Why do you left your clan?:ok im will its joinWhy do you want to join us?:its a fun server is cool skinsWhy should we accept you? / What can you bring us?:i agree test