Deathrun Update 1.6 (24/01) - No more elevators for you, Caspa

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  • Anti lag (essentially kills the no fall damage bind)
  • Anti ele (Caspa has been unable to hit a single ele on the current version :))
  • Added 3 extra viewhands (missing stock CoD4 ones) unlocked at level 4, 12 and 20 respectively
  • VIP Deagle now has camo support


  • New endround songs


  • Fixed the following maps crashing on Mac:
    • mp_deathrun_sm_v2
    • mp_deathrun_familyguy
    • mp_deathrun_flow
    • mp_deathrun_minecraft
    • mp_deathrun_portal_v3
    • mp_deathrun_control


Special thanks to @Caspa for extensive testing of the anti lag and anti ele.

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holy shite about to go down a nostalgic trip

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