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  1. Ahahha, long time no seen, how are you doing man?
  2. @itstruestu is this stu that had a youtube channel with 30k~ish views that i use to play promod with!?!?
  3. Braxi also worked on a CoD1 zombie mod or cod2? I can't remember but he did work on a older CoD. Braxi was never really a founder for Raid, just a good friend of mine and use to help me with some stuff. Gave him CM because i could i guess tbh and because he helped me, but he never really played cod at the time anyway. He see's himself as a female trapped in a mans body. But gender doesn't really matter.
  4. Can we also have the old dave icons? i still have the material files so you don't need to convert them
  5. Looks good, should of did some small partical effects as well coming from the lava. Hide and seek has script error tho ******* script runtime error ******* cannot cast undefined to bool: (file 'maps/mp/mp_dr_metal_factory.gsc', line 1625) if( !level.inRoom ) { * started from: (file 'maps/mp/mp_dr_metal_factory.gsc', line 1622) level.hidenseek_trig waittill( "trigger", player ); * ************************************ ----- Server Shutdown ----- With the reason: Server disconnected ==== ShutdownGame (1) ==== Player Lossy, 0 dropped: EXE_LEFTGAME Going to CS_ZOMBIE for Lossy Player bot1, 1 dropped: EXE_LEFTGAME Going to CS_FREE for Bot bot1 Player bot2, 2 dropped: EXE_LEFTGAME Going to CS_FREE for Bot bot2 ---------------------------
  6. Safe to say it doesn't actually break anything then? 😂😂😁
  7. Download link added
  8. Nope, used it but for what ever reason decided to put a spoiler inside of a spoiler... okay sort of fixed it...
  9. used multiple spoilers and it made this smh
  10. Hello for the past week I've been updating the map mp_dr_neon that i officialy released back in 2013 this month, so 6 years ago almost. Obviously i made the map in like a week and was very rushed and was quite shit in everyway tbh. But I've always been meaning to polish it up a little andimprove the visuals. Well I'm proud to announce that i've finally had the effort to do it since I have so much free time on my hands these past couple days! Download: https://www.moddb.com/mods/braxs-death-run-mod/addons/mp-dr-neon Here some comparions for you guys. The old screen shots of the map might look brighter, but i was just want to point out I've used the same settings including brightness settings on both screen shots, literally took them 5 mins ago! Changes [+] = added [-] = removed [F] = Fixed [C] = Changed [+]Added old way to the end rooms [+]Added new trap in the stair case section [+]Added vision file to the map [+]Added new minigame which the activator can activate and it will involved old way being open and all rooms being locked! [+]Added Fx's at the endrooms so you know which end room is available [+]Added clipping to stair cases to make it smoother to strafe up or move up [+]Added no fall damage clipping at the end of some stair cases so you don't take damage or slow down as much [-]Removed the trap number 4 that didn't work altogether (just before the hammers) [C] Changed how the hammers work just before the yellow stairs and they now full swing at a speed [F]Fixed the second last trap just before the end rooms that didn't work [F]Fixed the worldspawn lighting going through the terrian around the map [F]Fixed the reflection probes in the sniper room [F]Fixed some coding errors.... [F]Fixed some terrian that allows you to see outside the map... There probably more stuff I've fixed, removed changed and added but i can't remember at the top of my head! Maybe i should go finish some snow map now....
  11. Bump bring back old icons please, i'll give u materials
  12. Oh shit, I just had to dm this entire time to get my powers back instead of begging for it and making a whole new application? oh ffs.