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  1. Great application, I hope you make it bro!
  2. Okay now i feel really bad D: Hope to see you around and maybe I'll remember after we talk for a bit haha.
  3. Hi Melisa, Nice to see you back at Raid again! Raid actually did die, but then got back up. Unfortunately It seems to go downhill again. Hopefully it's because everybody is really busy and they will come back when uni has a break or so. And I'm sorry i don't seem to recall your name, Although I'm also not sure if I even played on Raid during that time. My name was "Trigger" back then, maybe you remember...
  4. YESSS, I'm with you!! If people want to activate thats absolutely fine. If people choose not to activate that fine too. However in order not to activate you would think you just do nothing. Now you have to run around like a monkey because otherwise it'll trigger the auto acti. I personally really dislike it and don't see the point of it. I mean if you choose not to acti as activator what else is there to do? Let me tab out and put on a different song without acting the whole map.
  5. Hi atrx make velocity meter pls, thanks
  6. Real name: Thomas Age: 21 Previous experience: Admin on multiple servers, been around as high staff in managing clans (not only cod4). Most of this is some time ago though, but i'd like to get back in to it. Why I would make a good addition to the team: Right now CoD4 is my goto game. And since raid is one of the only servers rocking on 1.7 it's the only servers i play on. (mac problems). I feel like I'm mature enough to handle such responsibility. I'm online a lot to be monitoring the servers. How often do you visit our forums?: Every day In-game name: Zeronwad B3 CID (type !regtest in game): @1301 Steam: - Knowledge of B3 (on a scale of 1-5): 4/5 Primary server: Deathrun How often do you play on our servers?: very often Oh and one more thing, since my exam period is finally over, I'll be on even more than i've been recently.
  7. Title says it all. There is fall damage everywhere in the map, making it impossible to, for instance, complete the secret.
  8. Woww sounds good atrx! Looks like you put im some serious work!
  9. staph hating on apple
  10. More mac plss
  11. Atrx: "Timer was disabled in ghost mode for good reason, it wouldn't sync up with regular play (freeze at the start of the round, start doors etc.)." Still still can happen now though. When there is a map with a door and there are traps that only activated once (so after it's activated it won't do anything anymore), in the first round, "free run", you can then skip the waiting time for the door and get an insane time. Second way of doing this, is when you are alone in the server, leave when the round is about to start, then rejoin. The traps won't be activated so you have a free run without waiting time for a door. The time you then get will still be stored. So maybe an idea to add a spot in the map right after leaving the door, where your time starts recording. This way you can add a timer to ghost run as well. Or remove the recording of the time for free run and when you are alone in the server? I don't know if this is possible though.