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  1. what he said ^ also don't forget after loading the mod to change the gametype do deathrun /g_gametype deathrun then devmap the map edit: oh wait here you go
  2. i played back in 2014/2015, no idea if you were still around smoked way too much weed since then to even fathom that thought welcome back p.s deathrun is dead
  3. Industrial Theme: 4/5 Theme is very well done, looks like an actual place rather than a deathrun map. It has very nice continuity throughout the map as it keeps it theme really well and is designed nicely to be incorporated into a deathrun theme. Only reason why it's not a 5/5 is because as Pain said, the theme of a factory is quite used in deathrun therefore it doesn't have that uniqueness which would make it a 5/5 (although, everything else was done perfectly). Level of detail: 5/5 Definitely top marks, it's detailed very nicely and has nice FX mixed in with the map (especially the minefield) and genuinely looks like an abandoned factory type place and the only downside I can think of is that it reduces your FPS quite a bit, but the way the traps are designed you only need 125 in order to do the traps. Also the weather is very nicely implemented (I believe it's random and selects between rain & lightning to normal?). Uniqueness and variation of traps: 4/5 The traps were well done however the only reason it's not pushing top marks is because of the uniqueness, the minefield trap is very unique and the FX used is also quite unique however the other traps are quite standard, there's not much you can do about this as mostly everything has been done but props on the minefield trap as that was unique. Map flow: 3/5 Map flow is the only area this map doesn't really get top marks, mainly due to as what Pain mentioned again, the tight spaces you need to run through and some of the gaps are quite big for some noobie players. Some of the area can be a little bit confusing as well but that's just probably me in the fact that I'm a retard lmao. Except for those the map flows really well and without the bigger gaps and the tight spaces you need to run through it would be pushing a 5/5. Also I've noticed that there's a few skips (intentional I know) however I'm not a big fan of those in deathrun maps because if they're quite difficult for example then they're only going to be done by a select few people. I really like this map and it's one of the best detailed and themed maps I've seen for a while! Petrichor Theme: 4/5 The only reason as to why this isn't a 5/5 is due to the name not really tying in with the map and the fact that spawn is quite different to the rest of the map. Except for that everything is very unique and well done. Level of detail: 5/5 The uniqueness of the map is the detail itself, not to mention the grass & tree shaders make the map look very nice especially in spawn. Very unique. Uniqueness and variation of traps: 4/5 The uniqueness of traps is very nice, it's something different which is what I believe you tried to accomplish. Very nicely implemented although the traps can be quite confusing at times. Although they are unique and well done some of them are generic and that's why it's not a 5/5. Map flow: 2/5 This is the only downfall of the map in my opinion, the flow isn't that great as said before it can be quite confusing on where to go and what to do for the traps. However I feel with more help to the jumpers on what traps do (possibly some hints) then the flow would definitely be pushing a 3/5 or 4/5. I really like the uniqueness of this map and it's one of the most unique deathrun maps I think I've ever seen! Much different to the other maps and that's a very good thing. Building Escape Theme: 2/5 The theme isn't great as what Synd mentioned, it doesn't really represent much of a building however the reason why this is a 2/5 and not a 1/5 is because of the ending, I like how you've made people finish the map as they come out at an exposed point (much like a car park) and signifies that you've escaped a building. That was well done for me! Level of detail: 1/5 Unfortunately this needs to be a 1/5 due to the lack of detail within the map, the lightning is quite dark and nearly impossible to see in some places requiring fullbright which takes away the niceness of the lighting in some of the places within the map (such as spawn). I also feel there could have been more detailing done in the rooms as the sniper room exposes the skybox at the bottom as does the bounce room. Uniqueness and variation of traps: 1/5 Quite standard traps as far as deathrun goes, no FX used from what I can tell although since this is your first time scripting a map (I believe) then it's pretty well done. Would like to see more FX used just for that little bit more variation in traps or something other than non-solid/moving/rotating traps. Map flow: 3/5 The only reason as to why this isn't a 4/5 or 5/5 is due to the way in which you can skip parts of the map due to the no fall damage. Such as the elevator required to go down isn't necessary as you can just land on the platform regardless. Except for that I think the map flows well overall and is quite fun to complete! This isn't one of my favourite maps but I do like it, and it certainly does flow well and I did like the theme at the end of the map!
  4. Made for mapping contest, tis' my first map. This is a raid exclusive map. Hope you all enjoy! Traps: 8 Endrooms: Sniper, Bounce, Knife, Weapon and Hide N' Seek (My favourite <3) Secrets: 1 (Trail) Difficulty: Medium Length: Medium (Approx. 1 minute 20 seconds to complete w/o traps, varies with traps) Download: Screenshots:
  5. Thanks for letting me know, have updated DL link and should be fixed c:
  6. Gotta rep the vader of darth Obviously gotta have the joker Then sonic cus ya gotta be faaast
  7. GL breh
  8. Wagwan g
  9. Good luck signd!
  10. soz but you're only allowed a certain amount of weed per day for applying and that's anything NOT EXCEEDING 2 grams. and since you've had 3-4gs yesterday you are therefore dEnIED.
  11. lowkey best admin raid could ever ask for but it's my job to be power hungry
  12. Welcome back Moseph.
  13. Good luck swegman
  14. Good luck c:
  15. Very very funny.
  16. That's only based on opinion, I however don't think that the server features particularly matter about the population of the server. People care more about having a good map rotation, a leaderboards system (this will benefit DR, apologies if it's already in the mod) to give people something to drive for other than just the regular unlockables. Take Blur, IceOps (who were which still very popular up until @iiManix and I), TwS, and JoKe (to name a few); they all had no particular features which stood out, no exclusive maps, weapons, assets (most literally had an edited hud, however Blur was default) yet they were still popular and I believe it's due to the dedication of the owners at the time, there just isn't the dedication anymore due to the decrease in population of CoD4 DR in general. What I'm trying to say is that if Raid (in my opinion) want to stride back up to the top then it's going to need a completely new approach. As far as the mod is concerned, I don't think that's the problem at all as to why there's nobody in Raid, I believe it's to do with the contributing factors I have previously mentioned. Also, about the map rotation I don't think there's much which can be done with that either unless some sort of community poll was made (even then, would be pointless because there's no community to vote) or if someone took charge and found the most liked maps of deathrun and put them in the rotation to have someone actively working on the map rotation then that might bring a fresher feel as the same maps won't be played over and over.
  17. Has no xp for activating, also has a bug where this happens after the bombs have dropped and you try to go into ghostrun, only going into spectate then back to in-game fixes it.
  18. Good luck! I believe I was in the pXg deathrun tournament with you? Cool guy and generally a nice lad, personally would give him a chance .