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  1. Due to the fact that the Raid Deathrun mod does not allow you to devmap, I thought I'd make something here for anyone having trouble devmapping. All you need to do is download this:!jVckmS5Q!R4oL9_wBJOpOPOVdI2BzX-Jd4uK6weWSDreAXCAlq5Q Alternative ZIP File:!KBcxiIIL!rugMmcz57Aq5d8aikDkq5diiFTwgKNoeDIGh21vEa5o This is a mod that is developed specifically for devmapping in mind. It is originally called deathrun_sxk made by sxk. This is a slightly modified version, as I've tweaked a few things, but thanks to him. Unzip it and put it in your Cod4 Directory/Mods folder. (If your game is through steam: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty 4) Once it's in there, you can simply load the mod in game. Once you're in the mod, you can type the following into the console: Obviously, change <mapname> to the name of the map. Example: It's that simple!
  2. Please adjust your application using the following template. Thank you
  3. Good luck!
  4. Good luck!
  5. mp_dr_metal_factory Theme: 3/5 Pretty standard map theme, but well done. I enjoy the lava and ice contrast within the map, but it has been done before obviously. Still, really well done for a first map. Level of detail: 4/5 Lighting, end rooms, and overall map design is extremely well done. I can't give you more for detail because it's simply not there, however, I feel like there wasn't much room to detail a map like this in the first place. The 3/5 is mainly because of the nice snow fx in the 2nd room, as well as the nice detail in the hide and seek room, etc. Some room for improvement though (fx particles on fire, maybe some decals, variation in ceiling design and floor design, etc.) Uniqueness and variation of traps: 3/5 I'll give you some props for being able to activate the traps multiple times and have them do different things, that can really randomize the timing of certain things. (Like the hammers at the end). Most of the traps were pretty standard, but the FX used, and the actual implementation of the traps was well done. Map flow: 4/5 Map flows really well, the teleport seems a bit choppy at times but that's only if you hit it as someone else has. The only other thing I could say is the small jumps on the platforms after the first corner disrupt your strafing flow as it causes you to slow down, but it doesn't feel warranted, if that makes sense. Other than that, well done. Overall the map is really solid for a first map and I'd like to see more from you. mp_dr_building_escape Theme: 1/5 Standard theme for a deathrun map. I'd give you more credit for this if it were say, an apartment building and you could easily tell it was an apartment building, but you can't really tell you're even in a building at all. Level of detail: 1/5 Besides the spawn platforms and a few light models, there's really not much emphasis on detail. However, at the end of the day, you weren't really going for detail in the first place. It's never too late to learn how to detail! Uniqueness and variation of traps: 2/5 Nothing to see here... Most traps are pretty standard. Nothing revolutionary. Map flow: 4/5 Huge props for the flow of the map. I enjoy playing the map and I think it flows really well. Always room for improvement, though. Perhaps minimize the use of mantles and ladders in the future. Overall, I think the map is fun and that's all that really matters. If you can nail a theme in your next map and work on detailing, I think you could become a pretty good mapper. mp_dr_petrichor Theme: 5/5 The theme is really good and I enjoy the different rounds. The inverted round is insane! (even tho i told u how to do it) Level of detail: 4/5 First area is cool even though its floating, and the black, blue, and orange areas are all really well done. Uniqueness and variation of traps: 3/5 Traps could be better, lots of moving things and rotating things or things you can't really see at all. (or traps that don't do anything at all lol) Map flow: 2/5 The map suffers in this category in my opinion. You have a lot of sharp turns, teleports, and weird awkward jumps. There's nothing wrong with this to be honest, but it does hurt the map flow portion of the map.
  6. I agree, or at least make the timer longer. I can't even tab out half the time without it telling me to "move my ass" after like 6 seconds of not moving.
  7. Good map. I like it a lot actually.
  8. There is a thread to suggest them.
  9. My official submission for the Raid Gaming mapping contest. Name: mp_dr_industrial Features: -11 Traps -Dynamic weather -Proper lighting -5 Endrooms -Large secret -Good flow Difficulty: Easy-Mediocre Length: Medium Screenshots: Download:!6c12zChK!EYT1Y9qBuc1gILApXk9oLmlWn84Y3mlm0dIYePqJMz8 *This map was made for the Raid Gaming Mapping Competition. Best of luck to all involved.*
  10. The map has been updated. The download link is the new version. [+]Changed bounce room [+]Added large side secret (goodluck finding it)
  11. Real name: Jay Age: 18 Previous experience: TwS Admin, owned 4x3, was a high admin on IceOps, a manager on pXg, and a previous Server Admin on Raid. Why I would make a good addition to the team: I've been playing deathrun for as long as I can remember now, and I know pretty much every glitch on every map. I know exactly what to look for when it comes to glitches, exploits, cheats, etc. I've been administrating and managing different servers and communities for so long now, it almost feels like it's second nature. Even though I haven't been a part of the staff up to this point, I've been picking up player tendencies, mentally noting specific glitches that are quite common, etc. This will allow me to look out for these things if I'm accepted. Another quality that I'd like to think makes me a good addition to the team is the fact that I've never been known to abuse my powers. It's a huge turn off for new players if the server's admins are running around abusing their power, so I've tried my best over the years to handle every situation differently and act accordingly. How often do you visit our forums?: Every day. In-game name: Synd / TheHumble_J (I have 50 hours as Synd, around 20 as TheHumble_J, so you'll see synd more often.) B3 CID (type !regtest in game): @1274 Steam: Knowledge of B3 (on a scale of 1-5): 5/5. I don't know specific commands that are 60+, but I don't currently need to know those, and those wouldn't take long to learn regardless. Primary server: Deathrun. How often do you play on our servers?: Every day.
  12. Good luck man!
  13. Suggest maps that you think should be removed because they are either completely broken or WAY too long/boring. I'LL START Map Name: mp_deathrun_apollo Screenshot: Reason: This map is completely broken, you can break literally every trap on the map. The map takes way too long because theres a secret that nobody can finish, and the map is just a pile. Please, suggest what needs to be removed below so that we can help filter out the trash. Use template below. Map Name: Screenshot: Reason: I'll post more soon too, but anyone please feel free to comment.
  14. Name: Universe Traps: 9 Length: long Difficulty: Apparently pretty difficult Screenshots: Special Thanks to: Blade, Mist, atrX Download:!yBdgVI7D!FNBnWIDbQJY5ihNbym9qyQgGkRdfDyFcVbS63HkhCgY Alternatively, Enjoy
  15. Name: mp_deathrun_iceops Difficulty: Hard Length: Medium Download Link:!PksViDAB!XUfEMbakfHCKulWdgG4ZJWPeb-nACYm3CT0vWkOvv9s
  16. CSGO Hub and CSGO Servers. Maybe a 1v1 server? The hub could be a great way to get a 5 man queue easily if it gets popular enough. You could also do fun 1v1 events, or unboxings, or anything really. CSGO is a very versatile game when it comes to a community. You could also do a zombie hub, with events where once a week maybe we get some people to play a classic WAW or BO3 map. It would also be a fun discussion area for people dedicated to zombies. If you want a lot of people, GMOD is a really good idea for a hub/servers as well, that game is unbelievably popular and it's deathrun probably won't ever die. We could have really fun events take place, like maybe: Obscurity event: An event where we play the game mode obscurity, which is a horror based gamemode where one person is a ghost like creature that has to kill off every player using special abilities, while the other players try to kill it. Deathrun event: You could do this for cod4 too, but host events where we get a lot of players on for DR. With GMOD though, you can actually give rewards out for certain events. For example, log in during THIS event to earn THIS spray for a limited time only. Zombies event: GMOD also has decent zombies, so we could literally just get a bunch of people on and find a server for zombies.