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  1. Thanks for the great tutorial, but I have some questions. How does this correlate to the nuclear reactors, and how do I apply the quantum coordinates to the position of North Korea's missile base?
  2. I'll just do one for industrial now since it's the only one I've played a bit of. May update with others Theme: 4/5 The theme was done well, and the overall map gives a great feel for going through an abandoned industrial setting that just so happens to have a random minefield. The theme of using a factory/industry itself is a bit over-saturated in deathrun maps, but I believe this map used its name well and created a good theme. Level of detail: 5/5 Not much to say here, detailing from effects with a secret to building and making the map seem like a real place all made it look pretty nice. The rooms themselves are a bit lacking unless they've been updated since I played it, but the main map itself was great. Uniqueness and variation of traps: 5/5 Traps were done well, used unique effects and the minefield was done well. Map flow: 3/5 Not sure I really like this category since I think of speedrunning, which I'll admit this map isn't the greatest for mainly due to a doorway and some sharp corners. The map has a pretty nice variation throughout it and I think its length is pretty good for the theme. Some cuts such as the bounce one inside the building come off as a bit awkward as-well.
  3. Why do I feel like you googled some fancy words and randomly picked one to name your map
  4. Every CJ server I see communities try to start is populated for a week then sits at 0 for the rest of time as it slowly fades into oblivion
  5. Hey, I just quickly played through the map and noticed a couple things: You can't see through the glass in the acti area if fullbright is disabled, which creates a bit of an issue for the activator. There's some other glass textures that you could use, or you can make the acti side just a clip so its completely see through. Most maps nowadays have music playing at the start, so the map is overall a bit quiet, but if that's what you're going for all good. If you want to make a music menu like most maps use nowadays (almost every map uses the exact same one), you can find the scripts for one from other maps or you can just pm me and I'll send you them. Taking the route with bounces skips over most of the map, and it makes a couple traps obsolete so you may want to rework that pathway. Great first map, I'd use it as a stepping stone to improve upon.
  6. Well fuck, this is gonna get tougher now.
  7. Huh, that's weird, dunno why those would exist
  8. Dunno if I'll do something for it, so here's a comment just in-case
  9. Nah screw admin, how about we just give Lossy the title of supreme lord owner general sir?