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  1. csgo

    Okey, thnx. I'm always available on Discord.
  2. csgo

    Real name: Fernando JH Age: 20 Previous experience: I played cs like more then 8 years. Starting with CS 1.6. I'm has been a leader of a amateur team. I'm also the top 1 on the Retakes server. I also have been a admin in CSGO Bhop server and CS 1.6 Zombie Escape server. Why I would make a good addition to the team: I will make good adition to the team, because I play ever day (like I have no life), and I'm always avaliable to talk on discord or etc... How often do you visit our forums?: Because I was playing and I saw it on the chat, and they are a lot of cheaters some times and it's not really funny to play against them. So I thought I could maybe help by apply for admin. In-game name: - Yzn -ツ❤Steam: tag (name#1234): soiD ツ#9990 Primary server: Raid Gaming Retakes #2 How often do you play on our servers?: I play like every day more then 3h, I would say that I got no life.