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  1. age:15 real name: Joshua cook experience: i was a server admin on exitus-gaming for 2 years (csgo servers) primary server: comp 5v5 in-game name: poo✨⚡ steam profile: i play the server twice per day atleast discord tag: scooter 9986 note: i have been crazy toxic in the past but mostly as a joke sometimes taken to far. but as an admin i know i cannot do that so i wont, i think i would be a good admin because i see a lot of toxic players everyday that never get muted. i think it will be a really cool experience to be admin on this sever also i know this is an admin application. but the other day i noticed a spinbotter who has not yet been banned as i saw him this morning think his name was crunchforlife or clutchforlife because i was just getting off the server when it happened i don't know a lot. but i know a player called lynox saw the whole thing and he may be able to give you proof if he has any, since i know you cant ban someone without proof