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  1. Real name: Joshua Age: 14 nearly 15 Previous experience: i was server admin for 2 years on exitus gaming (csgo servers) Why I would make a good addition to the team: i have played multiple servers within my 6 years on this game and i very rarely come across good servers, this is one of them. i have got 6 years of experience and 7k hours on the game. and (im not proud of it) i have hacked in the past. i also would like to try and help improve the server by making suggestions. and i have made many friends on this server so i am well known in the community. How often do you visit our forums?: once in a while. will increase if i get the admin In-game name: poo✨⚡ (i can change the name if you want because its a bit immature) Steam: Discord tag (name#1234): scooter#9986 Primary server: 5V5 sometimes i play retake and 1V1 How often do you play on our servers?: around 3-4 times a day now
  2. thank you i was denied due to my age?
  3. 1. you responded to my admin application saying that it was denied because of my hours but i had someone check my hours before hand (crankker) and he said i had more than 20 hours. it would be nice if you can check it again. and i have join the discord. 2. THE REPORT i have come across 3 potential cheaters today alone of which none of them have been placed under surveillance (i have some proof of hackers if wanted) 3. i am also reporting poor admin behaviour. earlier today an admin called benji got mad at me. because i was baiting (of course not on purpose). i was looking at my phone for a bit as i always do (i had informed him that i did not mean to bait). he started to get angry and kept saying things like "he thinks he's good" or "your so bad" this happened repetitively until he left. i notice that you look for calm admins and non-toxic people and my suggestion is that he should be disciplined by taking away his admin perms. i realise that this sound a bit petty, but the whole reason i am making this email is so that i can help making this server better. as it is one of the best servers i have played on in a while. i met new friends here. i hope this admin does not get away with this, and i also hope i can be helpful to catch these hackers. (i have video evidence of 1 of the hackers and of benji being toxic to me) i know there is a risk of back-draft from this in other words i know that i might get banned or kicked for making accusations against an admin but i a prepared to take any punishment given thank you for reading.
  4. age:15 real name: Joshua cook experience: i was a server admin on exitus-gaming for 2 years (csgo servers) primary server: comp 5v5 in-game name: poo✨⚡ steam profile: i play the server twice per day atleast discord tag: scooter 9986 note: i have been crazy toxic in the past but mostly as a joke sometimes taken to far. but as an admin i know i cannot do that so i wont, i think i would be a good admin because i see a lot of toxic players everyday that never get muted. i think it will be a really cool experience to be admin on this sever also i know this is an admin application. but the other day i noticed a spinbotter who has not yet been banned as i saw him this morning think his name was crunchforlife or clutchforlife because i was just getting off the server when it happened i don't know a lot. but i know a player called lynox saw the whole thing and he may be able to give you proof if he has any, since i know you cant ban someone without proof