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Real name: Nathan

Age: 17

Previous experience: To be honest, I'm playing a lot on cs:go servers but I've never been an admin on one of them. I got many friends admin on servers that explained me how it works a bit but everyone has their first time right?

Why I would make a good addition to the staff: As I said before, I'm not an expert on administrating servers. But I'm pro-active and I'm learning things that interest me (like being admin on a cs:go server) super fast. The only idea of being an admin server on the best servers i consider on cs:go makes me crazy ! Finding cheaters in cs:go servers makes me so mad when this place is supposed to be a place of peace to practice your cs:go gameplay that's also why I want to be an admin on your servers.

How often do you visit our forums: On my last application, (that i did without seeing the requirements :/ ) i said that i never supposed their existences but from this time i'm surfing on sometimes between 2 faceit :D .

In-game name: ~ApuTrash~

Steam: Please login or register to see this link.

Discord tag: APUtrash#1769

Primary server: Retakes#1 and #2

How often do you play on our servers?: Every time I want to practice (means every week at least 2-3 days 1-3hours).

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I'd like to inform you of our decision to decline your admin application. Our decision was based on both the answers provided to us in the questionnaire and the slightly lacking English skills which would inhibit proper communication. If you wish to apply again in the future, I'd advise you to work a bit on improving your English. ^

Thank you for showing interest in our community.

The Raid Gaming team

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