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Real name: Alfie
Age: 15
Previous experience: I used to be a mod on some ROBLOX servers back in the day, so I know how to deal with annoying kids ;)
Why I would make a good addition to the team: I am always active in one form or another (discord, ingame, etc), and I'm very friendly to newbies and I can teach them how to play on raid servers and guide them.
How often do you visit our forums?: This is my first time on the forums but now that I know how to use it ill make sure to be active.
In-game name: Waste

Steam: Please login or register to see this link.
Discord tag (name#1234): Liln000b#6637
Primary server: Raid gaming retakes and awp only but i sometimes like to go on other community servers to play jailbreak..etc
How often do you play on our servers?: I always play on the servers to warmup and to have fun if i get a comp cooldown or if i cba playing comp. Also, i have 91 hours on raid server and I'am very active.

ps: I changed the colour of my answers to blue to make it easier to read :x

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