Deathrun Challenge (Free VIP giveaway)

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Hi there!

As a bit of an incentive for you all to keep playing and as a thank you for the support you've shown thus far, we've decided to give the first person to legitimately reach level 80 3 months of free VIP. Due to our implementation of the ranking system there is a slight limitation, however:

  • You must be on a legtimitate CD key (Since ranks are assiociated with your GUID, cracked keys share ranks with other clients, therefore making leveling faster.)

Once you have reached level 80, please DM me on the forums with a screenshot of your level and your B3 CID (you can find out what your B3 CID is by typing !regtest in the chat, it's the number after the @ symbol, please note that you must first !register to use this command).

Thank you @iiManix for coining the idea.

Regards, atrX.


Before anyone asks, yes, we'll be updating the mod regularly. I'm currently working on fixing some issues and looking into implementing some new features already. :)

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Glad you decided to implement this, it will most definitely be an incentive for people to play and get a playerbase started.

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33 minutes ago, Mist said:

Manix taking credit for the stolen idea kek

I was unaware of any other server doing this, please inform Slaya so he can give them credit I guess?

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