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Hi there!

I've just pushed out an update to Deathrun adding some new stuff like geo trails, old Raid skins and a bunch of new maps. Also in this new update is a bunch of changes and fixes for problems you've all reported. For more information, check the changelog:


Aside from the update I wanted to also put out a quick roadmap for the near future. In order, my current priority is:

  • Slay V3 :ph34r:
  • Raid Promod
  • Raid Fun/High Jump
  • Raid Surf update (new customisation including some of the stuff that was added to Deathrun and possibly some other new stuff)
  • Leaderboard frontend overhaul and integration with Deathrun (currently Please login or register to see this link. )


Hope to see you all on the server! :) PS: Yes, I was indeed too lazy to redo the spectator input overlay for this update, maybe in the next one. :dave:


Regards, atrX.

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